Cyrilthepost 10:11 23 Nov 2010

don't know why,but i find its so hard to read books.Yet i will read for ages on the PC???I have loads of good Autobiography's to read but find it hard to start off.Not to bad when i've started but its getting started lol.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:20 23 Nov 2010

You need a Kindle.


  ella33 11:23 23 Nov 2010

I personally find that for relaxing and reading a pair of reading glasses are better than multi focals which are great for the pc and other functional reading. that is only a personal comment but it might help

  Brumas 14:41 23 Nov 2010

Just couldn’t be without books, we are both voracious readers I read fact whereas Fran likes nothing better than a juicy old murder! Our house is so full of books, when the kids visit they always wisecrack that it is like living in a library.

And the beauty of it is, when we have read a ‘boxful’ we take them to Barters click here get them credited and take out another boxful. Last time the books I took in were credited at £70, we already had £90 in credit, we ‘bought’ books totalling £100 so we are still £60 in credit!

  Cyrilthepost 15:19 23 Nov 2010

my wife would be happy with that site Brum.She normally gives hers away after read several time i may add lol.

  Cyrilthepost 15:21 23 Nov 2010

Kindle Gandalf???

  namtas 15:33 23 Nov 2010

Brumas, is the open range coal fire still going in the station office?

  Bingalau 16:16 23 Nov 2010

Cyrilthepost. It is an electronic book reading device, we were only discussing the merits of it last week in this forum, so it will be not too far back in the list...Otherwise as people often point out "Google for it" One of them might suit you down to the ground. It is also well advertised on the TV at £109. Can hold oodles of books, and some can be downloaded from the INTERNET for free. Our FE loves his and takes it to bed with him.

  shellship 17:51 23 Nov 2010

"Our FE loves his and takes it to bed with him."
A great friend of mine who is not terribly computer literate has been given an IPad for his 70th and now loves it so much he has taken to calling himself a geek. Bet you he is taking it to bed with him too.

  Brumas 20:27 23 Nov 2010

It certainly is and it was needed last time we called. The old toilets have been done away with and in their place are a suite of new ones - very much needed if, as we do,one sits by that roaring fire with a cuppa and a biscuit for too long!

  spuds 22:31 23 Nov 2010

We have literally hundreds of books in our house, mainly from The Works, charity shops and local library clear-outs. But I am one of those people who can never seems to be able to really get involved with book reading. The last book that I managed to complete was Jaws all those years ago.

Talking about travelling and reading books. On one of my worldly travel trips, I was with a person who literally read a number books thoughout the journey. If only he had bothered to look, he would have seen some very beautiful scenery on his travels, which he perhaps would have never seen again. His books would have always been available, where ever he was.

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