RBS Confirms Mass Closure Of Insurance Sites!

  Uboat 23:33 26 Aug 2010

2000+ jobs to be lost!
i realy feel for them all...soo hard to find work now a days...

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  zzzz999 07:02 27 Aug 2010

the spivs and speculators on the markets will be happy, bonuses all round. This should also ensure a few added zeros on to the senior management teams bonus. The fact its a huge detrimental impact on 2,000 families, who cares.

No doubt RBS will blame them big bad eurocrats, maybe take a wee look at at by they had to be bailed out.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:08 27 Aug 2010

As RBS has been bailed out by taxpayer's money, being a taxpayer, I expect them to make every possible economy to ensure that my investment is safe and best used. If it means getting rid og unneeded staff, then so be it. RBS is a business and not a charity. When Woolies closed there were many, many more redundancies and I seem to recall little outrage.


  QuizMan 09:32 27 Aug 2010

I am not sure where this story comes from; there has not been a RBS press release so far as I can see.

However, if it is true, I am not surprised; the major loss is from Direct Line which RBS has been trying to offload for some time as part of its getting back to basics process. I agree with Gandalf in that anything that improves profitability and gets it out of state ownership should be encouraged

  Quickbeam 10:01 27 Aug 2010

What about Churchill, will be sent away to the stray pound?

  Quickbeam 10:06 27 Aug 2010

The offices in Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Croydon, Ipswich, and Romford are to be closed, that will involve a degree of unwanted redundancies.

  Monoux 10:53 27 Aug 2010

Any job loss involves someone being out of work be it the original incumbant or a their replacement

To say otherwise is complete nonsense

  Monoux 11:30 27 Aug 2010

fourm member

You assume too much, I'm not weeping -- merely pointing out the innacuray of the last sentence of your 10:48 post

  Monoux 12:31 27 Aug 2010

fourm member

"2000+ jobs to be lost!' does not mean 2,000+ people losing their livelihoods."

What does it mean then ?

  HondaMan 12:53 27 Aug 2010

Now, now, children!

  Monoux 17:38 27 Aug 2010

fourm member

"I thought his obssession ( sic) with attacking my every post"

I haven't posted any responses to the hundreds of postings made by you for a very long time -- I think you are getting a bit paranoid

I simply asked you to explain why you felt a different meaning should be taken than the literal interpretation of your words.

I could say that,as usual, you don't like it when people don't agree with your every word , but I won't.

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