Rattly bike chain

  Armchair 19:57 22 Jun 2008

Bought a new Carrera bike from Halfords today. Assembled it myself. Took it for test ride. Great for a couple of miles, then the gears became all rattly. Tried adjusting them as the manual instructs, but I can't get it right.

I'm going to phone them up tomorrow night and ask for advice, but I imagine I'll end up taking it to pieces and driving it back to the store for whatever needs doing (my car is small!).

Any advice on how to remedy this myself? This is the bike in question btw.......

click here

  sidecar sid 20:22 22 Jun 2008

My best guess is the indexing adjustment needs some attention.
click here(part 3)
It is very much a trial and error procedure so some patientce may be required.

  Armchair 20:31 22 Jun 2008

It's all so complicated.........

I've tried adjusting the H and L ones. Maybe it is damaged. If it is, then this bike is no good for me.

  peter99co 21:24 22 Jun 2008

Take it back and exchange it or get them to fix it!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:29 22 Jun 2008

Tension the cable by approx half turn on the screw is usually enough.

  wee eddie 21:59 22 Jun 2008

The chances are that you have got one of the Gear Trains out of line or possibly just loose.

Like most things, it is very simple once you have done it a few times, but a nightmare for the first few.

  Forum Editor 23:23 22 Jun 2008

free of charge for up to 12 weeks from the date of purchase. Call the store first, and arrange an appointment - they'll put it right for you.

  robgf 00:48 23 Jun 2008

New bikes usually need adjusting slightly.
If the gears aren't engaging fully (clicking) then the indexing is slightly out.
Have you checked the front sprocket changer adjustment, it's easy to miss a problem there.
But if there is a rattling noise, something is loose, or broken, possibly a problem with the Cassette, which needs specialised tools, so return it to Halfords.
Halfords are reasonable and if their mechanic is any good, should be able to repair it while you wait.

  TopCat® 22:19 23 Jun 2008

but it could be the rattling noise is caused by a mis-alignment of the chain, where it is trying to climb onto the next gear sprocket. Unless some guide component of the gearing itself is mis-aligned, then I would say it has to be the adjustment that's at fault. Getting it right straight away can be tricky and fine adjustments, up or down, should clear it. TC.

  Armchair 18:37 27 Jun 2008

Ugh, haven't been online all week.

Took it to Halfords on Monday, and they adjusted the gears (and brakes) there and then. Took it for a ride on Tuesday, and all's well, apart from the first seven gears. They're still rattly, lol, but I can manage without them. Probably. I can manage the few hilly bits in 2-3 or whatever.

Very light bike. Very comfy, too! Much more enjoyable experience than my old Raleigh Ogre mountain bike. That was too heavy for me, really.

  peter99co 18:48 27 Jun 2008

Do not try to have the chain on the front to the left and the chain on the back cogs to the right, try to keep the chain as straight as possible until it becomes more flexible along its length.

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