Raoul Moat was a callous murderer,

  Forum Editor 19:11 14 Jul 2010

so how is it that people are leaving messages expressing sympathy and admiration for him at the scene of his death, and on Facebook?

Are these people so warped in their minds that they are unable to differentiate between good and bad, or is there a disturbing sub-cultural and ingrained hatred of authority out there?

Moat killed one man, shot a woman, and shot a policeman in the face - the officer is blind as a result. I'm horrified to think that there really are people who think that what this man did is in any way justifiable, let alone worthy of praise. Surely he was just a deranged killer, and should be forgotten about as soon as possible?

  MAT ALAN 19:33 14 Jul 2010

or is there a disturbing sub-cultural and ingrained hatred of authority out there?

probably just about sums it up peter, i have actually read some of the messages left on facebook, they seem to defy all rhymn and reason...

  Colin 19:33 14 Jul 2010

FE - I think your second paragraph hits the nail on the head. In my opinion they are stupid people who would have an entirely different point of view if it was one of them or their family he shot. It’s easy to have an opinion from your armchair. It requires no effort to leave a message on Facebook etc. so people do it without thinking it through.

  Bingalau 19:37 14 Jul 2010

Obviously some people, probably people who have no love of authority, think he was dragged into the situation on being released from jail. They then set him up in their minds as a kind of Robin Hood character, chased all over the place by the nasty sheriff's men etc. They have no feelings at all for the people he shot and maimed for life. or for the one he killed. There are people who just don't think straight.

  bri-an 19:38 14 Jul 2010

"..and ingrained hatred of authority out there".

Absolutely. It's a fact that for some people anything the police do or try to do is automatically criticised.

  csqwared 19:39 14 Jul 2010

It's extremely disquieting to realise there are people out there that not only condone such actions but glorify the perpetrator. I've not looked at Facebook but I understand they are quite happy to leave the messages are within the guidelines. How very very sad!!

  Big L 266 19:41 14 Jul 2010


FE....This despicable and pathetic excuse of a man is the worst type of human scum and garbage who should have been shot dead by the Police at the very first opportunity they had. I have seen a disturbing sub-culture emerging over the past decade or so which has largly been created by New Labour.

In the New Labour remit to punish the victims of crime and reward the criminals for committing crimes, we have bred 13 years of injustice into people who have no respect for decency and higher values such as our laws any more. The sub-culture is a legacy of one useless Home Secretary after another failing abysmally to stamp any authority on any area of home security preferring,as it did,to bury its head in the sand and blame the victims.

I wish corporal and capital punishment would be brought back today. That way,people like the disgusting Moat would never have been allowed out of prison to commit these offences. In the same way New Labour was the criminals friend, so it appears that the ConLibs will continue with their 'jail doesn't work' policy under the ancient and ever-useless Kenneth Clarke.

Either way,Moat is the tip of a sadly deepening iceberg in which thousands wail and grieve over the deaths of criminals like him and stick two-fingers up at the victims.He and all others like him currently in jail should never be released and,were it left to me,only get released for burial.

Big L 266

  csqwared 19:41 14 Jul 2010

Should be
...messages as they are within........

  bri-an 19:51 14 Jul 2010

"it's all New Labour's fault that Moat was a deranged killer".

Drag Gordon Brown back and make him stand trial for it!!
Had we no murders and madmen prior to 1997?

  bri-an 19:56 14 Jul 2010

Up to now I've not been a great Cameron supporter, but to hear him unequivocally deliver his opinion on Moat in the House today was like a breath of fresh air.

  sunnystaines 20:03 14 Jul 2010

we can no longer blame labour for being soft on crime as it looks like con/lib are following the same path.

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