A Rant about Forum Decorum!!

  freaky 20:12 15 Oct 2005

I have been a member of this Forum since early this year (I think), and have visited the site 1,152 times.

I have one BIG RANT, this about a significant number of members who make post's for Help, and do not have the good manners to do the following: -

(a) Offer thanks to the members who have responded.

(b) Do not respond stating that the problem has been fixed.

(c) Do not check the 'Resolved Box' to close the Topic.

There are a lot of very knowledgeable people on here, they spend a considerable amount of time solving problems....problems that save members a fortune if they paid for advice.

I think that this state of affairs is deplorable!!

Right, I have had my rant.....what do members think?

  Dan the Doctus 20:54 15 Oct 2005

This must be about the millionth post I've read on the subject. Your points are valid but nothing can be done I'm afraid.

  igk 20:58 15 Oct 2005

Agreed 100%

  stalion 21:05 15 Oct 2005

to err is human and nothing is perfect

  €dstowe 22:29 15 Oct 2005

This has been brought up a number of times but, it is just human nature. There is absolutely nothing that can be done about it. Even if you withdraw your goodwill from the forum, someone else will come along to replace you and it's just possible that the someone who does that will be less knowledgeable than you and give a reply that you are not happy with. You are then tempted to give a more accurate answer - and so on.

I reply to threads fairly often but it is rare for me to ask for help. This isn't because I don't have problems with my computers, it's because I use the search facilities (and I have a good memory as well) to look out answers to similar problems posted previously. On threads I do open, I try to respond with gratitude when appropriate and I also try to green tick but, as you say, there are an awful lot of "post and go merchants" who don't seem even to wait for one response.

Threads I find particularly irritating are those where I (or someone else) makes an attempt to give a useful reply and then be met with insults by the original questioner. This has happened to me several times.

  p;3 23:14 15 Oct 2005

I would have a moan, but am probably as much at fault as those who annoy me (and to anyone reading this whom I have annoyed,; I appologise)

  VoG II 23:51 15 Oct 2005

I agree that nothing can be done (short of draconian banning of culprits).

What really annoys me are the posts where a question is posed, several different answers are proposed, then the thread is ticked with no explanation of what worked. This is frustrating to those who proferred advice and must be also for anybody with the same problem who finds the post using the search facility.


  VoG II 23:52 15 Oct 2005

Like click here

  GaT7 00:13 16 Oct 2005

without an explanation, one could email them (through the little yellow envelope) enquiring how they solved it, then post the solution (if they reply, that is).

But I suppose they could report you for unsolicited messages & get you banned from the forum : ( G

  TOPCAT® 00:31 16 Oct 2005

Maybe a gentle hint - some brief but appropriate text - could be automatically placed above the 'Add a new response to' boxes. The person starting the thread reads the last posting and may, I say may, spot it and act accordingly.

Of course, what I suggest may not be possible or even easy to do, but it could be useful. TC.

  p;3 01:15 16 Oct 2005

and to add to the above remarks; it would be really nice, having offered advice to know what did work and what did not work;several threads I am following at present I am watching to see what if anything does solve a problem; but am suspicious that there will be no resolutions given on them; I for one would really like to know whether my advice (and that of others on the threads) did work;but probably extremey wishful thinking:(

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