random popup

  longy1 13:16 27 Jun 2005

every time I start up a message appears in the left hand corner of the screen.
hpzht05d11 on unknown is needed
copy files from
d:venu\drivers\win 2kxp
This means nothing to me and I delete it but I want to kill it off.Any ideas please?

  De Marcus 22:43 27 Jun 2005

This should really have been posted in the helproom but here goes,

the next time you get the message, pop your hp printer driver cd in and browse for the requested file, click on and install it.

  longy1 15:59 28 Jun 2005

My very first query was answered and solved thanks to De mMrcos.now the second is,I put in a dvd and it plays ok but the sound quality is fractured.I can play cds without trouble in the same slot.I had this cured once but it has gone back to the problem.The sound is in cync.with the pictures but its like speaking with a frog in its throat.i have a feeling its something to do with the driver I am using but as I am new to computers I am loath to touch things without clear instructions.

  Pooke 17:20 28 Jun 2005

what sound card is it? It's a simple procedure to update them. They are an exe file that you just run and it installs them.


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