Ran out of ideas.

  wolfie3000 10:01 30 Jul 2006

I am shooting a new film, iv got all new vehicles, more characters, helicopters and all new scenery,

Trouble is now that all the mods are in place i cannot come up with a story or plot?

In this film i want to centre the film more on action than the other one, more car chases, stunts and fights,

So any ideas?

Preferably from someone who has used the game Grand theft auto vice city before and knows its limitations

I can do some things that the game originally couldnt do such as different camera angles and using more than one character at a time,
Also i can create any vehicle possible by using zmodeler.

So any ideas for a plot?

  spuds 10:09 30 Jul 2006

Thought about looking at some 007 films. Should be plenty of ideas there?.

  wolfie3000 10:10 30 Jul 2006

well its a good idea but i want it to be more original, something that hasent been done before.

  wolfie3000 10:18 30 Jul 2006

As an incentive i can put a picture from the person on one of the bill boards in the game so you will be imortalised in the film and full credit for the idea in the credits.

  spuds 10:45 30 Jul 2006

wolfie3000-- If its a 'blockbuster' that you are seeking, then a forum like this isn't going to produce it. Possibly an understanding bank manager,good professional experienced staff and a few million pounds/dollars/rupees might ;o)

Regarding the 'incentive and full credits'. I had the pleasure of this on a cd recording cover once. It didn't do much for me, even though the cd was an hit at the time ;o(

  Devil Fish 10:47 30 Jul 2006

Hmm an upgrade to San Andreas might give you more to play with with the introduction of aircraft skydiving
base jumping (parachuting off buildings and bridges)and you can also drive vehicles off cliffs etc into the ocean without the fear of drowning your character
and of course a whole new world to explore that makes vice city look like a village

you could definitely sort out some thing for your latest film amongst that lot

  wolfie3000 16:09 30 Jul 2006

Devil fish i understand that san andreas would be better visually and also it is a much bigger map but san andreas is twice as diffecult to mod plus it doesnt have the right feel about it plus iv already modded vice city for the film lol,

Spuds i aint after a blockbuster im doing it purely for fun and hopefully some one might get enjoyment out of watching it,

I know i aint the next george lucas or splielberg but it gives me pleasure knowing that people enjoy my work.

  Haol 16:30 30 Jul 2006

Helicopter Wars! What about something funny like he jumps out of the car because he's going to crash but then gets run over by another car and stuff. I like SA better though.

  wolfie3000 14:55 31 Jul 2006

mmmmmmm not sure on that Haol I want to keep the video serious, As for the helicopter wars its an idea i might use for a few scenes but i want to use the cars more thanks for the idea though.

This might help with plot ideas a few stills taken from test videos iv done.

Heres the cast so far.

click here

And here are a few of the cars.

click here

Mr veccetti has been removed so hes not in the film.

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