Rainproof poncho for festival

  Production Ed 12:26 24 Jun 2009

Hope Speakers' Corner won't mind me picking its collective brain, but could anyone recommend a place to obtain one of those lightweight rainproof ponchos (the sort you see worn by tourists or at Wimbledon rainy days) at short notice? And in London?

They're widely available online, but I need to pick one up today because I'm leaving for Glastonbury tonight! The weather forecast has suddenly turned bad...

Thanks for any help you can offer!

David Price

  Clapton is God 13:16 24 Jun 2009



  I am Spartacus 14:08 24 Jun 2009

A few choices of stores at click here

I've got this click here and whilst not a poncho is practical and lightweight (and cheap).

  dagnammit 14:12 24 Jun 2009

Recommend a little jacket in a bag (it pretty much folds into one of it's own pockets) like Spartacus has. I got mine in Millets for £15 I think.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:25 24 Jun 2009

Anyone who does not use a carefully cut, thick binliner (garden rubbish type) should be considered to be a wuss.


  WhiteTruckMan 14:30 24 Jun 2009

and this sounds nothing like a well planned trip. :)

If you had more time you could get the 99p disposables from here

click here

But if you get one and it survives usage, dont dispose of it. I still have our ponchos from a trip on the maid of the mist boats at niagra falls. Apart froma cheap souveneer they are folded up into a very small package next to the spare wheel of my and Mrs WTM's cars, where they have been put to excellent use in the past for emergencies.


  Production Ed 14:34 24 Jun 2009

Guilty as charged, WTM; I should have thought of this long ago.

Well thanks for the advice everyone, I reckon I'll give Blacks a try. Call me a wuss but the bin liner doesn't appeal...


  interzone55 14:59 24 Jun 2009

From past Glastonbury experience I recommend wearing as little as possible as long as it's warm enough, then at least you don't ruin any cloths, and your skin dries quicker than your pants (thanks to my scout leader for that advise).

If it turns cold then resort to a bin liner - although a rubble sack is stronger if you've got a builders yard local...

  wee eddie 15:54 24 Jun 2009

and usually a tasteful shade of green with it.

Just cut neck and arm holes ~ Do this at home, before you go ~ It is really difficult, trying to cut the holes with the scissors on some Boy Scout's Swiss Army Knife!

  Bingalau 17:59 24 Jun 2009

I use a Mickey Mouse cape obtained in Disney world, Florida.

  Forum Editor 18:12 24 Jun 2009

at Glastonbury. Have a great time and behave yourself.

On second thoughts forget the bit about behaving yourself - just have a great time, and give my love to that redhead, the friendly one who jumps up and sits on your shoulders as if she's known you all her life.

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