Rain to Snow conversion factor?

  interzone55 15:09 24 Dec 2009

I'm looking at Metcheck (probably the best weather site click here) for my local weather forecast and apparently we're going to get 0.2mm of rain over the next two hours.

As the temperature is now -0.5° this is going to come down as snow.

Does anyone have a rough and ready calculator that will convert 0.2mm of rain into an approx snow depth?

  folsom 15:20 24 Dec 2009

(probably the best weather site click here)

Don't think so....it's showing Penzance as 16C, i know for a fact it is approx. 8C maximum.....where are they getting these figures from?

  johndrew 15:21 24 Dec 2009

click here

It looks as if others wanted to do this as well, but it appears that it could become complicated if yo want all factors included.

  cycoze 15:34 24 Dec 2009

I go by the age old and trusted method of looking out of the window and telling my Wife "that snow is going to lay, could be a few inches by morning", best method :)

  Forum Editor 15:44 24 Dec 2009

on the size of the snowflakes, the air and ground temperature, and whether the flakes are wind-driven or free-falling.

For maximum depth you need large flakes free-falling through very cold air onto very cold ground. The large flakes will tend to alight at different angles, and so maximise the air spaces between them. The resulting snow will be fluffy and light, but deep in relation to the amount of water contained in it.

I haven't a clue whether that's correct or not - I just made it up, but it seems to me to make sense.

  wiz-king 15:51 24 Dec 2009

1" of rain = 10" of snow (medium)!
so 0.2mm = 2mm of snow - hardly enought to notice

  interzone55 17:57 24 Dec 2009

It does indeed make sense.

as it turned out there was no rain or snow, so perhaps they're having an off day, as experienced by folsom.

Metcheck get their data from the US NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Global Forecast System.

The NOAA issue a mathematical model of the whole Earth weather system four times a day. This model is available free of charge to anyone who wants it. Metcheck crunch this data to produce their weather forecasts. click here click here

F1 teams use their live weather data during testing and races, so it must be pretty good...

  Input Overload 10:47 25 Dec 2009

I was reading an article recently about Antarctica & in real terms the place has the precipitation of a desert but as the stuff never melts it builds up.

For high precipitation you need heat & water, hence the high levels of rain with the monsoon wind in India. The severe storm the & massive snowfall Record breaking) the north USA has had over the last week or so has been getting its water for snow from way down in the Gulf Of Mexico streaming northward.

  anchor 15:54 25 Dec 2009

I am puzzled about the accuracy of your site. Just checked and it said at 3pm it will be +2c here, feeling like -5c.

Just checked the latest weather at Northolt airport and at 15.20hrs it is 5c. It certainly does not feel -5c; in fact its seems quite mild, when compared with recent days.

  Input Overload 16:24 25 Dec 2009

anchor you obviously didn't listen at school & grasp the law of relativity. Basicly when relatives come round as on Christmas day time slows down & can even stop. In extreme cases as in them staying the night, time can even go into reverse.

However no fear as you will find when they leave to go home the further they move away time will speed up & you will eventually catch up with the PCA clock.

  anchor 17:06 25 Dec 2009

Input Overload; I don`t understand a word you have written. I guess the festive cheer is flowing merrily chez vous.

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