sunnystaines 08:10 09 Jun 2011

RAF aparently loose 3 nil to PAF who used old F-16'S against the Typhoon

link text

any old RAF pilots got any comments

  dagbladet 08:35 09 Jun 2011

I'm not an old RAF pilot but i'll comment if I may. Excellent that we continue to do thesze exercises, that are vital in sharing and developing techniques. Our lads ('n lasses) would have picked up some valuable lessons.

They are not "old F16's". They are latest generation. Picture the original Range Rover and put it next to the latest Vogue. Both Range Rovers but.....

  onthelimit1 10:07 09 Jun 2011

I'm a (very) old ex RAF pilot, but not fast jet. Comments from those who know are here

  HondaMan 10:09 09 Jun 2011

The "art" of close combat flying seems to have been lost. As dagbladet says, most training now relates to long distance missiles. We need to regain the dogfighting ability. Shame we lost the Harriers as they were brilliant aircraft with their ability for "viffing" and completely out-manoeuvering the opposition

  john bunyan 10:15 09 Jun 2011

The Fleet Air Arm, in its heyday, were the Top Guns at this, and helped set up the US TG school after poor results in Vietnam. What do we do? - More or less abolish it!!!!

  sunnystaines 12:20 09 Jun 2011


good link enjoyed the read, look like the link i posted was a LOB

  onthelimit1 13:04 09 Jun 2011

Sunny - well, the Register doesn't have a great reputation for journalistic reliability!

  ams4127 19:53 09 Jun 2011

When the F18 was first introduced, it was put up against an old F5 and it won. When pitched against two F5s, one of the F5s would usually win. It was then realised, with some embarassment that three F5s could be built for the price of one F18. The F18 has, heavily modified, has established itself as an air superiority aircraft par excellence.

Unfortunately, the Typhoon will not have a long enough life span, nor sufficient money spent on it, to be as good.

  grey george 21:03 09 Jun 2011

Would this be the same PAF that were on duty when the USA sneaked up on Osama in a that super steathly of all aircraft the Chinook.

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