dukeboxhero 13:57 12 Apr 2008

I have just recieved this months pca and was reading about Radiotracker i quote(Radiotracker legally retrieves your favorite music from internet radio stations, then downloads the tracks in mp3 format directly to your hard drive)
what i want to know is how is this legal?
is this not the same as down loading music from any other radio site or file sharing site

  peg 14:13 12 Apr 2008

not sure about the copyright laws but it dose state "legally retrieve " maybe it s ok if its just for personal use! sounds like a good bit of software though and a good price

  bremner 14:19 12 Apr 2008

I struggle to see how this is legal.

If you do as it suggests you can end up with a huge music collection for which you have not paid a penny to the artists.

  john bunyan 14:47 12 Apr 2008

I think bremmer is technically correct, but from about 1965 I had a Leak FM tuner (own areial design), and Leak Amp and a 10" reel to reel Akai tape recorder on 7 1/2" a second, I think, and recorded uninterupted "Top of the Pops" and "Round the Horn" etc . I also bought sone vinyl, but not of all top 20. I believe that the Performing Rights Society used to say that for personal use they would not prosecute. Nowadays I buy via iTunes! I don't think the sound is any better!

  Forum Editor 16:10 12 Apr 2008

there's a difference between downloading a music track via a P2P file-sharing system and downloading a public broadcast from a radio station.

The assumption you make is that the radio station has paid whatever performing rights fees are due, and that the broadcast is like any other radio or TV transmission - there's an implicit understanding that you may record those, provided the recording is for your personal use only; you may not make copies for distribution or sale to others.

Struggle no more - it's as legal as can be. The onus is on the radio station involved to worry about copyright issues.

  dukeboxhero 16:18 12 Apr 2008

Thanks for that explanation FE, will give it a try

  Bingalau 16:26 12 Apr 2008

dukeboxhero. Have you got a link to that please?

  Forum Editor 16:56 12 Apr 2008
  Earthsea 17:21 12 Apr 2008

Looks cool. I want it.

  dukeboxhero 19:52 12 Apr 2008

Bingalau theres a free version on this months
pc advisor dvd

  Bingalau 10:36 13 Apr 2008

FE and Jukeboxhero... Many thanks for the links etc,. I will have a look at it later today... Sorry to say I don't buy the magazine every month. I browse through most of them on here and if I want one I then go out and buy it otherwise I wait until my lad has finished with his. In other words I'm a "Tightwad". My Scottish ancestors would be proud of me.

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