On the radio tonight,

  ayrmail 23:53 06 Dec 2007

discussion around interest rate reduction, someone said that the real rate of inflation is around 17%, while I know that the rate of inflation can vary depending what you include or don’t include a spread of 15 points between 2 and 17% seems incredible, his reasoning was that he had never in his life had a situation when he could earn more in interest around 6% than the rate of inflation around 2%. Can there be any substance to his claim.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:39 07 Dec 2007

Any calculation that does not include many major costs for households — most notably council tax and mortgage payments, has to be somewhat flawed.


  HCOOH 10:45 07 Dec 2007

You can quote all sorts of figures but it all comes down to what you have left,if any,after your living expenses. Trouble is no 2 people are alike in how they spend their money.

  Weskit 10:49 07 Dec 2007

I see it was Disraeli who said there are three kinds of lies...

  beeuuem 10:53 07 Dec 2007

Any one who believes that UK inflation is 2% isn't living in the same country as I am.
It might be if you exclude luxuries such as food, power and petrol.

  anchor 11:06 07 Dec 2007

A visit to any supermarket will show how much the price of basic foods have risen in the last few months.

Add to this the cost of energy, fuel and council tax, and the percentage is certainly well into double figures.

  Computerdope 08:38 08 Dec 2007

click here.

mine worked out at 8%.

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