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  Seth Haniel 17:20 05 Oct 2007

A car repair firm has been taken to court accused of infringing musical copyright because its employees listen to radios at work.
The action against the Kwik-Fit Group has been brought by the Performing Rights Society which collects royalties for songwriters and performers.

At a procedural hearing at the Court of Session in Edinburgh a judge refused to dismiss the £200,000 damages claim.
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  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:28 05 Oct 2007

The law regarding PRS is very clear, however I once had the misfortune to use KF and I can understand why their 'staff' may have been unaware of the simple law.


  octal 17:31 05 Oct 2007

Interesting one, so they want double bubble, once for paying copyright on the radio and again for playing it the workshops they want some more bunce.

We have the radio on all day in our department and the public come in sometimes, it will be interesting to see how the NHS handle it.

  Seth Haniel 17:37 05 Oct 2007

the supermarkets and shops with their piped music and also those most annoying 'Tunes' one has to put up with while hanging on the telephone waiting for an answer.

They are all broadcasting copyrighted music - will they be charge accordingly ??

  wee eddie 17:58 05 Oct 2007

Who owned the Radio and who made the decision as to what was to be played.

If a Private Individual, other than a member of the Management Team, brought the radio in and decided what was to be played then I think that the PRS and the PPL are on a looser.

If, of course, the Management provide the Music, then the PRS and the PPL should get their beggars mite.

Particularly as it could be argued that to deny an Employee the right to listen to the music of their choice, could be considered as a breach of that Employees, Human Rights!

  wee eddie 18:00 05 Oct 2007

Yes the Supermarkets will have a Licence from both the PRS and the PPL.

  tullie 18:38 05 Oct 2007

We should be paid to listen to some of the music produced today

  laurie53 19:57 05 Oct 2007

And since most PPL licences are charged by the square foot one wonders how much the big supermarkets pay for the dreadful music they force on us!

  Jak_1 20:31 05 Oct 2007

All pubs and resturaunts that use piped music have to have a ppl too. However it does seem that Performing rights have been a tad heavy handed in this case the workplace not a place of leisure per se.

  interzone55 21:36 05 Oct 2007

From the MCPS-PRS Alliance web-site

Any location or premises, outside of home, where music is played from clubs to concert halls, from discos to dentists’ waiting rooms and from trains to takeaways. The owner/proprietor of the premises is normally responsible for obtaining a PRS Music Licence for the public performance of copyright music.

In practice this isn't (or didn't use to be) enforced if the source is a radio or portable audio player and less than 10 work colleagues are in earshot. It's a different matter if the music is played in public, but again, I don't think the PRS will be raiding your local cornershop or chippy because they have the radio on.

This is a guide to the licence prices for offices and factories click here

  interzone55 21:38 05 Oct 2007

Sorry, that link doesn't work, perhaps the PRS don't want you to know the licence costs - if you have to ask you can't afford it...

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