Radar Detectors on the Continent

  It's Me 12:31 27 Jul 2004

I just got myself caught doing 61MPH in a road works area with limit of 50MPH. £ points on the licence and £60.First offence in some 52 years.
So I have bought a Radar Detector to try to help me not get caught again.
We are off to Austria soon, driving down from the ferry Hull to Rotterdam. Many years ago I heard a tale of someone being stopped abroad by the police and having their radar detector ripped out of their car and stamped on as it was illegal to even own one in that particular country (I forget which), so a query to Google produced this site this morning click here It seems that I can't use my expensive toy in Holland and Germany and can't even own one in Austria. Has anyone got any personal experiences to share?

  cga 14:30 27 Jul 2004

I live in southern Germany and things are a little more civilised here. As a general rule you will find Radar traps in residential areas and real accident blackspots rather than where they generate most money - although this is changing. Where you get caught for a minor infringement (as yours would have been) you get a minor fine but no points.
Mostly, in Germany, you are not stopped when speeding so you would have to be doing something else for them to stop the car and check.
Holland, where I used to live, are a little more aggressive but the worst are the Austrians who set up traps that seem designed to fleece foreigners.

  Old Shep 17:51 27 Jul 2004

Think you might find they have banned them in this country now. I personally do not agree with them speeding is dangerous and we all should learn that lesson. Before you go off on one with me I have just been fined £60 and 3 points for doing 85 on a 70 mph dual carriageway. I have now learnt my lesson and the next person 2 inches from my boot in a 30 mph zone will be doing 20 unless he wants to kill someone or get nicked. Regards

  Valvegrid 18:25 27 Jul 2004

You cannot use them in the UK because the use of such detector devices without a licence is an offence under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949.

  g0nvs 18:27 27 Jul 2004

Why buy expensive gadgets what don't always work, It is far safer to obey the speed limits anyway. Reminds me of an incident last year. Driving along a road that had recently been resurfaced were ample warning signs advising drivers not to exceed 20mph due to loose chippings. You've guessed it, a mindless cretin decided that 20mph was too slow for him and he overtook a line of cars in my estimation of approx 50mph. Two smashed windsceens cost him his front teeth
Nuff said.

  It's Me 21:12 27 Jul 2004

This seems to be getting a little heated, which is not what I intended.
Many Grps (is that right) systems include info on where road danger, and therefore many radar controls are, and include info on diversions and so on.
I understand that more simple, and cheaper detectors, like mine, are also legal in the UK (if not, those that make them are not telling the truth). They do not emit any signals themselves, just 'see' incoming signals, and these warn of dangerous road conditions in advance.

In my own defence, it has caused gasps of astonishment that I, of all people, have been caught speeding, as I am well known, as a pain, for keeping to the speed limits. I had the choice of braking and therefore causing causing chaos behind me, or accelerating out of a tricky situation of a very long line of nose to tail (as they do) trucks which was much longer than I anticipated when I started my maneuver. But I can't deny that I was over the limit. This particular radar control caught some 1500 drivers in a 24 hours spell by the way, but then none of us should have been breaking the law.
Since then I am even more careful and spend my time at the head of long queues of, no doubt, infuriated other motorists, or being passed by everything if there is room.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:30 28 Jul 2004

'You cannot use them in the UK because the use of such detector devices without a licence is an offence under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949'....this is incorrect.

'Since 27th January 1998 it has been completely legal to sell, buy, own and use a radar detector in the UK. In fact it never was illegal. The Police had been falsely prosecuting individuals for breaking the law with regard to the use of radar detectors. Saying that to collect information from the radar source was some sort of contravention of the Wireless and Telegraphy Act of 1949. The Police radar does not contain any form of information that is covered in the Act so therefore this argument becomes invalid.
"A judgement of the Queens Bench Divisional Court dated 29th January 1998 makes it clear that the use of Radar Detectors is not unlawful as has hitherto been claimed by some.

So there and my speed detector is prominently placed on my dashboard!


  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:33 28 Jul 2004

'Why buy expensive gadgets what don't always work'...you must never have owned one, they do work very well and are rather sophisticated.


  Chegs ® 02:24 28 Jul 2004

An article in our local paper recently stated that a chap had been stopped and cautioned for driving TO SLOWLY in a 20Mph zone.Apparently,the officer objected to the car slowing to much whilst traveling over a speed hump,outside a school!

  feb 11:04 28 Jul 2004

Valvegrid, Just to clear it up, Detectors are legal but Diffusers are not! That said the government are trying to make detectors illegal aswell.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:50 28 Jul 2004

Only 4% of all road deaths are caused by INAPPROPRIATE actions...the word 'inappropriate' is very important as is the use of the word 'action'. Fatal accidents are as follows...... Pedestrian entered carriageway without due care (84%)

Vehicle unable to avoid pedestrian in carriageway (12%)

Loss of control (which includes many factors with speed being only one of the many (4%). It is comforting to know that a small amount of the 4% fatalities is receiving so much 'care' from plod on wheels.

It is Illegal to use or even BE IN POSSESSION of a radar detector in FRANCE. Expect a £500 fine for possession or £1250 if caught using. More places where you will get done over for using a detector here....... click here


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