Racism alive and well in "The Land of the Free"

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:37 31 Jul 2012

A black couple prevented from marrying, in their regular church, in Mississippi. From the BBC

Seems it is not so free if you are not white and live in the Deep South, even though they have a black president.

  woody 11:41 31 Jul 2012

We also see items we do not like but too often it appears no action is taken. Here are just two recent items - Quote:-

G4S staff (Asian) was accused of spitting and hurling verbal abuse at a serviceman (white). & another item - Two police officers witnessed (Nazi salute) but apparently failed to act.

  interzone55 11:44 31 Jul 2012

Why are you surprised, the US bible belt is populated by some of the least tolerant people on Earth. I'm sure their god is very happy about this...

  Forum Editor 13:14 31 Jul 2012

"Not only does the USA imprison a disproportionate share of its black population, it then uses the law to disenfranchise them for life."

In the interests of balance, I should point out that America uses the same law to disenfranchise white prisoners.

There's no rule of proportions in court sentencing - people are convicted of crimes, and they go to prison. It happens to be the case that the prisons - particularly in the Southern states - contain a disproportionately large number of black inmates. Black Americans make up 38.2 percent of the prison population but just 12.6 percent of the general population.

  Flak999 15:06 31 Jul 2012

I know that some will consider this a controversial statement, but is it not possible that the figures reflect the fact that black people are committing more crime are being caught and are receiving their just punishment?

Do you remember Sir Paul Condon's statement in 1995 that 80 per cent of muggings in high crime areas of London are committed by young black men? mugging is it a black and white issue It was highly controversial at the time and probably still is.

Up to date figures for crime broken down on a racial basis are (unsurprisingly) difficult to come by, but are we saying that society imprisons a disproportionate number of black people because they are black, or because they are criminals?

  Flak999 16:21 31 Jul 2012

fourm member

"Crime is, often, committed by people who are poor or disconnected from society. The USA's racial undertone tends to mean blacks are over-represented in that group."

So if we extrapolate from that statement that as blacks are over-represented in this group of people who are poor and disconnected from society and therefore more likely to commit crime, does it not follow that they will represent a larger proportion of the prison population?

What am I missing here?

  Flak999 17:39 31 Jul 2012

fourm member

Well, that's one way of looking at it, certainly!

  zzzz999 09:56 05 Aug 2012

FLAK its the only way to look at it.

If the structures of society and law are rigged against one section of society then don't be surprised at what emerges.

  Terry Brown 10:24 05 Aug 2012

Maybe I am looking at this the wrong way.

I try to treat everyone (regardless of colour or religion)the way I would like to be treated and (generally) I am treated the same way.

It is by putting people in BOXES that we cause the problems of RACISM. I agree there are section of people - OF ALL COLOURS- who cause problems and the ones who (generally) have the most problems are those with nothing to lose.

I have also noticed that the various 'Ethnic factions' are more predudiced against other ethic groups than most nationals in this country.

It is the old story of 'Give a dog a bad name and watch it live it down.'

And before you reply, Yes I am English , White and proud of it.


  Kevscar1 12:17 05 Aug 2012

Racism is alive and well in this country as well. The last labour minister told me that as a boern engolishman even though it is not my fault if we lose our house I have no legal right to be rehouse but if I was an immigrant they are legally required to provide me with housing. Bet it's still the same with the CONseratives.

  john bunyan 12:26 05 Aug 2012

On arriving at our doctors car park the other week it was full with about 10 "Irish" travellers caravans, cars , lorries etc. The car park is a public one with a 2 hour wait limit, usually enforced by a ticket and a tow away. The local council and police were there. I asked the police if they would be issuing tickets and towing cars away, but they admitted they would, or could not. I took a week or so to get them moved. There seems to be reverse racism here - why should these people be exempt from tickets, fines etc, if necessary backed by seizing goods to pay the fines?

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