Rabbit off here....

  Seth Haniel 13:14 15 Sep 2008

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A woman dialled 999 because a rabbit she bought via a newspaper advert did not have floppy ears, Central Scotland Police have said.

  Bingalau 13:45 15 Sep 2008

All 999 calls should be charged for at an exorbitant rate at the time of the call. A refund only payable when it is proved that the call was a genuine emergency. Maybe a fiver a minute would put some of these idiots off.

  Monoux 14:06 15 Sep 2008

From the link

"It is unbelievable that anyone should phone 999 to report being soaked by a passing car, ask for a postcode or report that the item bought from a newspaper advert was not as described."

Didn't someone recently fail a driving test because they drove through a puddle and soaked someone.The examiner apparently told them they should have stopped and exchanged details as an offence had been committed.

So perhaps its not so daft for someone soaked to call the police to report an offence !!

Having said that I agree with Bingalou

  dagbladet 14:44 15 Sep 2008

Whilst I agree in principle regarding the frivilous use of 999, I don't think that levying hefty fees at the time of call is the way ahead. It would no doubt cost more in admin to run the scheme than it would generate. Disputes would undoubtedly ensue as to the validity of such calls, which would have to be dealt with by an admin centre which would cost a fortune to run. Also how would it work on PAYG if someone had low credit? "help! Im being.....", "sorry, you have run out of credit...for auto top-up press one..."

I'm sure (unless I dreamt it) that there is a non-emergency contact number for the police, but I've no idea what it is. Does anyone know? (Without Googling)

  peter99co 14:50 15 Sep 2008
  interzone55 15:04 15 Sep 2008

i was once told off by a police Operator for dialling 999 after my car had been broken into.

This isn't an emergency she said. OK what number am I supposed to ring? Sorry I don't have that information to hand.

If the police don't know the non-emergency number, how are the public supposed to know it?

There was a campaign to make 888 the non-emergency contact number, but like all good ideas it failed to catch on, instead each police district has their own number...

  jack 15:07 15 Sep 2008

So a stranger to a particular area would not necessarily know it.
More over folk living in an area are not always aware and in times of stress the first thing to mind is 999.
Perhaps it would be advisable to introduce a situation whereby the 999 operator has the facility- with out going in masses of detail with the caller to switch them to a general enquiry desk.

So - the response would be
'Emgerancy' what is the problem- fire/ ambulance/police-the caller start off on their non urgent story and the operator asks simply 'Please hold' and switches them to the general desk- e.g. the front desk of the local police station.

  peter99co 16:15 15 Sep 2008

My local number is in the phone book. It puts you through to a control room. After you have given them your question they put you through to your nearest Police Station and you tell them again what you want. If you have had a problem they give you an incident number and then you can forget all about it.

  russmini 20:16 15 Sep 2008

Last year whilst on Holiday in Street, my then just a tad over 1 Year Old went a funny Blue, Purple Colour in a few different places on his Body. Most obvious.. Lips.

We were not too sure whether to be Too Conscerned or not (you know what it's like for New Parents, do you get Worried at Everything or try to wait a bit and see what happens).

Now, as said we were Miles from Home, so we asked the Camp Site we were staying at and they gave us a No. to phone, that didn't work, so another and the same result.

In the End i just Dialed 999, asked for Ambulance and then Calmy Appoligised that the Call was Not an Emergency, but Told them what the Problem was and Where could i find the Nearest Hospital.

They Were Very Helpful and Off i went at admitedly higher than the Speed a couple of the Signs said...

My Feelings on it...

Very Happy.

My Wife was a little Unsure about Ringing 999, but like has been mentioned...

There Really Has got to be a Non Emergency No. that Everyone Knows. For times like this.

  Forum Editor 23:57 15 Sep 2008

Times like that are precisely when you should dial 999, and no ambulance crew would think you a time-waster for a moment. In my wife's clinic they have an ambulance driver who comes once a month to teach people how to administer primary care to people who are found unconscious, and she told me that if she can get to a heart attack patient within ten minutes the patient's chances of survival are hugely increased. She says she never minds when she's sent to someone who's having chest pains, even though many of these calls turn out to be indigestion.

  Chegs ®™ 07:51 16 Sep 2008

I used to simply call the station on their local number instead of dialing 999,but have no choice but dial 999 for medical urgencies as I havent a clue what the Drs surgery number is.As our police station is now closed overnight,I would probably have to call 999 if I needed the police but having experienced the totally bemused voice on the other end of my 999 call one night ask "where are you?" when given the house number/street name/estate name & town in which they are located and the confused tone vanish when given the county,I'm more likely to decide to wait for the station opening up next day.

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