r there any good stocks abd shares traing courses

  ronalddonald 20:26 23 Apr 2008

First of all I hope im not breaking any rules here. I simply wuld like to know if anyone knows of any good trainig organisations that help you become a stock trader. If there is i would like to know of them. Many thanks. FE if im aking an inapprrpiate qiestion please lock this thread as im not trying to get people to go on these courses o just want to know for myself.

  ronalddonald 20:28 23 Apr 2008

sorry for the spelling its the keyboard some letters dont come upwhen im typing and sometimes they do.

  wee eddie 20:40 23 Apr 2008

would be essential Work Experience.

Joking aside. Do you actually want to work in a Dealing Room, or do you just want to do a little trading for yourself?

  ronalddonald 21:20 25 Apr 2008

Hi wee edie, i just do a little dealing myself. but im very new at this and ontknow where to start.

  wee eddie 22:33 25 Apr 2008

If that could be only be taught ~ We'd all be millionaires. However a pint would cost a 1,000.

Not very helpful really.

As an ex-Jobber, all I can say is that many have tried but only a few succeed. Most of those that do succeed, do so because they have access to knowledge that the rest of us mere mortals have missed. Many hours spent reading Company Accounts and studying the runes. Then when they think that they have found something, they have to have the nerve to risk a goodly part of their, and probably their Clients, funds on that piece of knowledge.

The other way to succeed is to have the same information as the rest of the world "But half an hour earlier" and speculate. There-by lies madness and failure as well.

Otherwise, a trip to the Library is the order of the day. It's really boring. The process of buying and selling or on a falling market, as we have now, selling and buying back later is comparatively simple.

p.s. I left the Floor after about 3 years as I wasn't nearly good enough.

  Ancient Learner 16:35 26 Apr 2008

I've read about Jobbers all my life, even had to study their slot in the whole turgid business, but this is the first time I've come across a real live one.
You really do meet all sorts here and I mean that with all due respect.

  ArthurDent 17:47 26 Apr 2008

Suggest you have a look at click here

  wee eddie 19:32 26 Apr 2008

The best, legal, buzz to be had at the time, mind you I suppose that we behaved like prats some of the time.

I seem to remember gambling till early hours in Crockfords, he Claremont or the Strings, reading the Papers at 2.30am, catching a quick nap and the going in to the SE at 8.00am.

Mind you Our Partner, that was the Member of the Partnership to whom we were Clerk, tested us on any relevant Company Results and News that had emerged overnight. That was why we read the early Papers. I can remember staying up all night when one of the Companies on my Book lost 2 Board Members in an Air Crash. I needed to know how it would effect the way the Company was run. Of course all UK sources of Information were closed, so the research had to be done on the phone through our Contacts in New York or Vancouver.

I was also on the Steels Pitch during the Nationalisation Debate. That was an amazing week!

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