QVC- misleading comes to mind!

  Sapins 14:00 12 Jun 2005

I watched a programme earlier today on this channel about Electronics. They were selling 2 software programmes aimed at protecting computers from various attacks.

The first one was a firewall for £22 odd and the other a McAvee security suite at £27+,(which you can get from Amazon at £9-98!) during the spiel by their "Experts"! it was said that a great many computers come with no protection at all, no mention of Microsoft's firewall and anti-spyware programmes, which of course are free. I don't expect them to draw attention to such products, they are trying to sell something, but when they blatantly say "a great many computers come with no protection" this is stretching it a bit.

My second gripe is with a web address they gave to test the security of your computer. I thought having given the address in a very serious manner it would be a serious site. I think it is a very poor way to draw attention to security, or am I being too sensitive, what do you think? click here

  bremner 14:15 12 Jun 2005

On the first of your 'gripes' I think that anyone who uses these TV shopping channels and buys something without checking the normal retail price is a fool.

On the second - I followed your link and it claims "Warning Type: Component Failure Detected
Condition Indicated: W.EBCAK.32"

A quick google on W.EBCAK.32 shows only one hit - you've guessed it - the site which found the 'fault'. I have declined to follow the click here to remove.

  spuds 14:19 12 Jun 2005

I stopped using QVC a number of years ago. Made about four purchases and none turned out to be the bargain as expressed by the experts.

Giving a link, makes good marketing, especially for the 'not so sure'.

  bremner 14:20 12 Jun 2005

Ah ha

Had a look at the click here link then followed it. It infact leads to some advice about security and then tries to tempt you into a subscription to a news letter.

Very poor as you said - if you want proper security advice look elsewhere.

  VoG II 14:29 12 Jun 2005

EBCAK: "Error Between Chair And Keyboard"

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:38 12 Jun 2005

I'm in full agreement with you.

I think the real problem with QVC when selling pc related stuff is that the producers and presenters seem to have little or no idea what they are talking about.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:08 12 Jun 2005

I clicked on the link in the interests of the forum hove mind and received 'W.EBCAK.32'...on clicking the 'sort me out link' I got this...'EBCAK: "Error Between Chair And Keyboard"....lame marketing...a rare meh! x6


  Sapins 17:07 12 Jun 2005

I don't buy anything from QVC, but my wife watches it and has bought craft materials but not before she has checked for cheaper deals.

I did follow the link right through and was not impressed at all.

  Curio 20:19 12 Jun 2005

for the Preventon Firewall as supplied by the presenter was click here and does test your security using a Preventon Firewall. Must admit it struck me funny to offer a Firewall and then a Security Suite immediately afterwards. As in all things, you pays your money and takes your chance. :>)

  Kev.Ifty 00:27 13 Jun 2005

Alexander Pope said "A little learning is a dangerous thing...." I think nowadays you could swap dangerous for expensive. There are so many people ready to throw their money down the drain its crazy.

If you really want to test your PC's security, you could try here: click here or click here Hey maybe i could sell this link on Ebay? ;-) perhaps not!

click here for live streaming QVC. Don't you just love it?

  jack 20:28 13 Jun 2005

I recall walking down Oxford St., many years ago
and coming across an openshop front piled high with boxes and very gaudy display with a 'Speiler'
on a platform at the back going for all he was worth and the crowds gathering-
Then from time to time the local community centre is hired by a simliar mob selling - er er merchandize of dubouse provenence- then the world got electronic and we get- QVC

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