Quick message for Brumas..

  Bingalau 17:59 09 May 2008

to tell him I will not be able to solve his postcard puzzle because I am having an early night, (off to the Big Smoke early tomorrow). No doubt the rest of you will be very relieved to be spared my useless input. Knowing Brumas he will probably put an easy one on now. Good luck to all the puzzlers....

  Forum Editor 18:13 09 May 2008

We look forward to welcoming you. If you're driving, watch out for all the cameras - there's one in every old lady's hat.

  Bingalau 19:29 09 May 2008

Spy under the bonnet, I like it.

Actually FE, we won't be descending on London until the Sunday morning, but we spend the Saturday night half of it in the RNA Club in Uxbridge and half (the sleeping bit), in the Red Lion Hotel in Hillingdon. We travel down by coach, the back seat of which is converted to a bar. The free bar opens the minute we hit the M62 and we are well under the influence by the time we reach Warrington.
On the Sunday a big gang of ex-bootnecks from all parts of the country, fall in rather haphazardly on Horse Guards Parade at about 11.00 hrs. We then march round the corner to the Graspan Memorial in the Mall for a church service. Then we march down the Mall past Buckingham Palace and back up around the park to Horse Guards Parade where we fall out and disperse to our various pursuits. Our gang from Liverpool are visiting HMS Belfast in the afternoon after we have had a couple of pints and a meal. Then we go back to the RNA Club at Uxbridge to round off the night and the weekend. We travel back up to the civilised part of the country on the Monday.

  Forum Editor 19:31 09 May 2008

I've made a note to lock up my daughters on Sunday.

  octal 19:35 09 May 2008

Give my best to the old girl Belfast, I'm a member of the RNARS (Belfast group).

  Bingalau 20:36 09 May 2008

FE. I thought you were going to welcome us? What kind of a welcome is that?

octal. We are all taking flasks of rum to drink to absent friends etc. So I will remember you to her. I think the sun should be well over the yardarm by the time we get on board. If I remember rightly the Belfast was something like my old ship HMS Ceylon. But I read somewhere that they have a lift on board this one, can't remember one of them on anything other than a carrier.

  Forum Editor 20:43 09 May 2008

of the Belfast, and thinking how awful it must be to be down there when the ship is hit, fire breaks out and water starts pouring in. I can think of nothing worse.

That isn't going to happen on Sunday of course, but you reminded me of it.

  Jim Thing 20:53 09 May 2008

A whole coachload of blootered bootnecks? Sounds like a right good run ashore!

  Brumas 20:53 09 May 2008

Any excuse, *eyes rolled* ;o)) Have a good trip.

  Bingalau 06:24 10 May 2008

Brumas. Thanks we will..... Be catching the coach in about three hours. Weather forecast looks good too, (not that we will notice).

FE. Yes just think how awful it must have been for those poor lads who were lost in the Arctic regions, taking provisions to Russia. It was not much choice between the fires or the ice cold waters.

  Legolas 21:32 11 May 2008

Not seen much of you today, recovering are we? :)

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