Question time

  oresome 09:43 23 Oct 2009

I saw most of the programme, but was disappointed at how it was conducted.

I'd have prefered it had the BNP leader been given time to explain his views without interuption and then listened to a counter argument from other members of the panel. As it was, the other panelists seemed paranoid that he should have too much airtime and gain credence for his arguments.

I don't think they had much to fear because he couldn't give coherent answers when allowed to do so.

I thought Jack straw put in a poor performance and was in denial of the concerns of many regarding the issue if immigration. Whilst ever the main parties duck this issue, there will be a vacuum that plays into the hands of the BNP.

  johndrew 10:05 23 Oct 2009

I watched the whole broadcast and was not really surprised as, apart from one other panel member who was excellent, they are all politicians. How long is it since you watched a politician that listened to other than his/her own voice?

The audience listened far better and did more to strip away the veneer than any of the other parties. Of the panel I thought that the American did the best possible job of acting in a civilised and suitably critical manner.

As for Straw, I think you have hit the nail squarely. He appeared more interested in his own origins than anything else. Pity he is so far removed from the public that even a comment on immigration from a black member of the audience was denied when it was put to him.

  lofty29 10:53 23 Oct 2009

I largly agree with the other posters on this subject, in my opinion Griffith was put up as an aunt sally, I have no time for facist parties, however this is a legal party and is entitled to be heard, the format of the programme did not follow its usual composition, with one exception the questions were all designed to allow the audience and the other panelists to have a go at Mr Griffith, this is crazy when there so many other questions that could have been asked and could have provoked a decent debate, in my view a sham.

  crosstrainer 11:05 23 Oct 2009

About this. The BNP do not allow those of Ethnic origin to join the party.

How, therefore can they be designated as a legal, democratic organisation?

  Monoux 11:11 23 Oct 2009

As I said in another thread

I notice it took a black person to criticise the immigration policy before it got any support. If a white had said it there would have been the usual cries of racial prejudice and bigotry on this forum and elsewhere.

Perhaps now a black person has complained publicly about the policy something might get done about it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:14 23 Oct 2009

'The BNP do not allow those of Ethnic origin to join the party.How, therefore can they be designated as a legal, democratic organisation' the same way that we have the 'Federation for Black Police Officers'. Okay?


  Spark6 11:17 23 Oct 2009

I haven't researched this but haven't they,the BNP, 'modified' their constitution to woo some of the more gullible electorate?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:27 23 Oct 2009

'haven't they,the BNP, 'modified' their constitution to woo some of the more gullible electorate'..let's get real shall we? You are now going to tell me that the other parties do not do the same (especially NuLabour).


  Monoux 12:26 23 Oct 2009

"The BNP were facing a legal challenge and would have lost and been declared illegal. Griffin realised this and agreed to put forward changes to the constitution at the first possible opportunity."

Perhaps his honours degree in Law from Cambridge Uni helped him.

  crosstrainer 12:35 23 Oct 2009

That explains it then, although it seems wrong to have allowed him airtime whilst this is still in progress.

  bremner 12:38 23 Oct 2009

The NBPA does allow white police officers to be associate members.

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