Question on Debit Card fraud

  premier man 09:37 31 Jan 2007

Having had money taken from my A/C through fraud,
it was taken for online poker,

Although the Bank is dealing with it,
what if the Bank did`nt believe that it was not me,surely it is their word against mine??
Also would they be able to find the culprit or would they just not bother??
Another question is,
Is there any when buying on line with a safe site that one of their employees could get hold of my bank details??
The reason I ask is because I only use my card for online shopping and am always careful where Ibuy

  Kate B 10:53 31 Jan 2007

They won't be interested in tracking down the person who did it. I suspect your card will have been skimmed in a shop or similar. Is the poker site the only place it's been used? You could possibly with the help of the police or a solicitor get the poker site to tell the bank which IP address the person who used your card was playing from, but that might not help a great deal.

  premier man 11:49 31 Jan 2007

Kate B
Thanks for replying,
it has`nt been used in a shop,only on line,
yes,its only been used in poker room,think I will leave to the bank to sort it out,
that is why I asked if it could be used by a online shopping site

it always makes me a little nervous! just paid for my tv license on the web (as i forgot to do it again!)
i recently found out an old friend maybe going to jail, he runs a mail order classic car parts business and had come across hard times, and so to satisfy his share holders had started putting ghost sales through at the end of the month and refunding them the next day, obviously somebody noticed and now he is being investigated for fraud, yet still has some credit facilities, which is worrying! i suppose your at risk whenever you use anything but cash, and its just a case of being as careful as you can.
in your boat though i would not be able to sleep until i found out how my details were taken, because until you know, how do you know your not being stolen from again?
its a bad old world!

  Aargh 15:28 31 Jan 2007

Your bank will investigate the fraud and under a new code of conduct, report the crime to the police. It may be worth contacting the police direct yourself when you have more information from the bank.

Online fraud is difficult unless you have passed account/card details to an insecure site. It is more likely a card has been skimmed in store or at a cashpoint etc. Have you disposed of any card/account statements carefully?

The fraud will most likely have taken place within a few hours of the skimming, so think back to where you withdrew cash or paid by card.

Skimmers tend to work a location for a short time then move on.

A worrying trend from banks is to not refund the full amount lost. Some are taking the view that they are not resposinble for customers 'carelessness' and make an offer of compensation well below the amount taken.

  Jackcoms 15:32 31 Jan 2007

Whether you purchase on the High Street or online your rights against fraudulent use are much better protected when using a credit card.

Steer clear of debit cards unless it's for small amounts

  premier man 15:34 31 Jan 2007

I quite agree it is a worry,
I always make sure I am in a secure site,
I hsve done online shopping for a number of years now and its the first time I have had any problems,

  premier man 15:44 31 Jan 2007

I only ever use my card for online shopping,my other half uses hers elswhere.
Iquite agee with you,may have to go back to credit card,although I only use debit card for small purchases ie less than £50

  Spark6 15:45 31 Jan 2007

The same problem with a Credit Card. Much safer I believe.

click here

  Totally-braindead 15:56 31 Jan 2007

Credit cards are much safer to use than Debit cards you get more protection.
About 2 years ago my Credit card had over £1000 taken off it by a company in Jersey. I contacted the CC company and told them it wasn't a purchase I had made and the money was refunded no problems at all.
Its never happened again but I am a bit annoyed at the CC company as they have never said what happened. I presume that as they didn't replace my card there was no fraud and it was just an error but they could have got back to me to say whatever it was.

  premier man 16:06 31 Jan 2007

do you still get protection for purchases under £100 on credit cards??

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