The Queen's Hidden Cousins

  Al94 13:33 14 Nov 2011

Documentary this Thursday Ch4 9.00pm, interesting how Burkes Peerage recorded them as dead many years earlier

  spuds 13:49 14 Nov 2011

I would be sure in assuming that there are many dark and deep cupboards within the Royal households?.

When the recent discussions within the 'Commonwealth' countries were undertaken, it was suggested that Elizabeth might not have been on the throne now. But some German female, if 'rank and file' down the history charts had anything to do with it!.

Looking at the previews of the program, it looks interesting and possibly well worth watching!.

  wiz-king 14:31 14 Nov 2011

That old news. - the Royal Earlswood Hospital was closed several years ago and is now a nice block of appartments. I dont know why thay have dragged the story up now, it's a fate that could/would have have happened to many people at that time.

  Terry Brown 14:45 14 Nov 2011

If you would like to dig back a few years (say the 15th century), you will find that, the English throne has not belonged to the English since then.

Then again, The British Isles (and yes, I include Scotland, Ireland and Wales) has been 'invaded' by so many different nations and cultures, that I believe thee is no longer a 'Pure' British family in the whole of the British Isles.

Please correct me if I am wrong.


  Forum Editor 16:16 14 Nov 2011

"I believe thee is no longer a 'Pure' British family in the whole of the British Isles."

If by 'pure'you mean people descended directly from the first settlers to arrive in what we call Britain you're probably right. They came from the Basque country at some point between 15,000 and 7500 years ago, and the rest, as they say, is history. If you really want to delve into our genetic origins you'll find that everyone in Britain is actually a direct genetic descendant from one of around 200 people who walked out of Northern Kenya around 60,000 years ago. We all carry African genes.

  Diemmess 16:41 14 Nov 2011

Dave Alan many moons ago ...

"They [the Welsh] are the Celts that couldn't swim"

  Snec 20:02 14 Nov 2011

The Romans ruled here for over 500 years, there can't be many of us that don't have Italian in us somewhere.

  zzzz999 04:41 15 Nov 2011

The Romans didn't venture much further north than central belt Scotland. There was a recent TV programme that looked at the genetic make up of the UK and Norse plays a very big role.

Pure bred does not make strong genes.

  onthelimit1 11:04 15 Nov 2011

'Pure bred does not make strong genes'

No, but Wrangler do :-)

  Condom 22:52 17 Nov 2011

This is an old story which seems to resurface every 10 years or so. The news is getting like the film industry with a lack of ideas so lets redo old stuff.

  Strawballs 02:06 20 Nov 2011

My wife worked in Royal Earlswood for a couple of months while she was doing her SEN training at Redhill General at the beginning of the 80's.

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