The Queen's Diamond Wedding.

  Weskit 16:03 28 Jul 2007

My wife, reading today's local paper, informed me that the Queen's Diamond Wedding falls this November. I wonder if Gordon will be able to scrape together a few pennies to buy her one on behalf of us all. I'm sure the other Elizabeth has one or two she could sell.

  Kate B 18:28 28 Jul 2007

On behalf of us all? No thanks - I'm not in for that joint gift. I'm no fan of the monarchy, and God knows, she's got enough diamonds.

  Sapins 18:33 28 Jul 2007

Brilliant idea, let Gordon put a penny on income tax.

  Clapton is God 18:39 28 Jul 2007

Gordon can buy her as many diamonds as he wants - provided he digs deep into his own pocket and nobody else's

  postie24 18:48 28 Jul 2007

Your a diamond in my eyes :))

  pj123 18:55 28 Jul 2007

I'm with Kate B on this. I don't care what wedding it is. I just wish they would go away.

  Brumas 19:13 28 Jul 2007

The phrase 'coals to Newcastle' springs to mind when mentioning buying the queen a diamond!

  Bingalau 20:19 28 Jul 2007

Glad to find I am in good company regarding Royalty. They already have more than enough of everything.

  wee eddie 20:28 28 Jul 2007

When we were all back from our holidays!

  Strawballs 20:53 28 Jul 2007

Let Phillip buy it they can aford it, if Brown has got any spare cash then maybe he can give it to our local hospital so they might be able to afford to treat my father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Cymro. 10:55 29 Jul 2007

I am very pleasantly surprised by you all so far, no one pro monarchy it seems. There may be hope for us all yet.

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