the queen in eire

  sunnystaines 12:33 18 May 2011

We have watched on tv today and yesterday and noticed the queen seems spaced out and not with it. yesterday she looked lost and was not involved in any conversations and seemed not aware that the lady in the pink was talking to her, she seemed distant again today anyone else noticed this we were wondering if she is getting early dementia.

one for our irish readers I did not know that eire had an army,navy,airforce just thought they only had a small defence force till I saw them all on TV. The wife asked where the irish military got all their medals? were they involved in Iraq or Afghanistan and it was not mentioned in our news media.

  Woolwell 12:56 18 May 2011

The Irish Army has been involved in UN peacekeeping missions Wikipedia

  donki 12:57 18 May 2011

Were getting alot of meda reaction up here in the North, from what I have heard the Queen doesn't seem spaced out at all and from interviews with people who have met her on her visit they have all said she took her time to talk to people. I havent seen much actual footage of her visit I must admit, it was mostly on the radio.

As for the Irish Defence Force see here link text

Alot of the work they do is as part of the UN forsces from what I know, current missions are in Africa and the Middle East, dont know specifics but it should be on their website.

  sunnystaines 13:17 18 May 2011

woolwell & donki good links thankyou.

we may well be wrong able the queen as we are watching on tv only and only going by her body language and blank look. very similar to recent views of Mrs T.

  Al94 13:52 18 May 2011

I have watched much of the coverage of the visit live on RTE via Sky and disagree that she seems "spaced out".

She appears to be engaging well in a respectful,meaningful and comfortable way, no mean feat for an 85 year old who has endured 63 years of these sort of official visits! Its is a shame that the general public have to be excluded from the visit which gives it a slightly surreal aspect however they are rightly taking no chances given the reaction by a tiny percentage of the population.

  onthelimit1 14:04 18 May 2011

I think the pace she manages to keep up at her age is remarkable. DOE looked as though he would like to get tucked into the pint of Guinness on the bar!

  sunnystaines 14:33 18 May 2011

QE does very well for her age, first time we have seen her like this hence the post to see if anyone else noticed.

  BT 16:36 18 May 2011

Wish I was as agile as HM, she's got 20 years over me and I certainly couldn't keep up with her.

  Bingalau 18:10 18 May 2011

I am not a Royalist in any shape or form. But after this trip she is undertaking, I have deep admiration for her. Let no one doubt that she is putting herself in harm's way by visiting Eire/Ireland. The baddies over there are just as capable of trying to kill her as they were of killing Lord Mountbatten and Airey Nieve etc. They are ruthless killers. So I can say that she has certainly got guts and if her visit improves relations between our two countries then I might become a Royalist.

I wish they would change the National Anthem though.

  Al94 18:35 18 May 2011

Trust me, with the security that is in place, she is at no risk whatsoever!

I like the anthem, and my roots would be in the North and not in the Republican camp. click here

  Forum Editor 19:13 18 May 2011

Trust me, with the security that is in place, she is at no risk whatsoever!

That's a rash statement if ever I saw one. There's no such thing as an absence of risk. I imagine that the Queen will be mightily glad when the trip is over.

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