Queen Applies for Poverty Grant

  jakimo 17:12 14 Oct 2010

Shes canceled the Staff Christmas Bash,and applies for help with the palace heating bills

Things must be bad,Should we be asking for aid from abroad

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  Forum Editor 17:32 14 Oct 2010

that the Queen knew anything about this. The enquiry was made by a Palace official, it wasn't an application as you call it, but an enquiry.

Anyone who has seen a thermal image of the palace click here will know that it leaks heat like a sieve. Lots of Public buildings in London do the same, but Buckingham Palace tales the prize.

It's not the Queen's fault, the palace is 190 years old and has 600 rooms.

  Woolwell 17:49 14 Oct 2010

We've had a thread about the application for a grant before.

  Woolwell 17:54 14 Oct 2010

Too me a while to find the previous thread click here

  jakimo 18:15 14 Oct 2010

The report criticizes the queen not a palace official.

Your suggestion that a palace official would apply for a poverty grant on her behalf without her prior knowledge is an assumption on your part.

It is not compulsory that she spends the winter in a palace, if she wants to keep warm during the winter and the Winter fuel allowance is not enough,she will have to do what the rest of us do,spend some of her own money or go cold

  jakimo 18:44 14 Oct 2010

Its not an assumption that a senior aid wrote to the Government,but it is an assumption that the queen did not know anything about it,,

  Forum Editor 18:45 14 Oct 2010

because it makes for a more sensational story. The facts however are that a Palace Official made the enquiry, and yes, I made the assumption that the Queen knew nothing about it at the time. My assumption is almost certainly correct - it's extremely unlikely that Palace heating issues are routinely discussed with the Queen unless some kind of a major upheaval is involved.

The Queen spends some of the winter at Windsor Castle, some of it in Buchingham Palace, and Christmas at Balmoral. Where she is depends to some extent on what's happening - if there any state visits, etc. You talk as if the Queen is the only person in Buckingham Palace, but of course that's far from the truth. The fact is, over 800 people live and/or work there - should they also spend their own money or go cold?

Try to do a little basic research, rather than blindly posting what you think you've read on some news site.

  john bunyan 19:00 14 Oct 2010

In these days of cuts, should the Monarch and Prince Charles have totally separate budgets? Surely some of the income from the Duchy of Cornwall could be diverted to the Monarch?
Also does the Queen still need Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Balmoral and Sandringham? Maybe the latter should be sold to reinvest in the others. The Royal familiy are a constitutional treasure, but maybe the time has come to face the cuts in the overall costs that the rest of us are facing.

  johndrew 19:46 14 Oct 2010

"Also does the Queen still need Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Balmoral and Sandringham? "

You may like to check on which of these she actually owns and what each is used for. You may find that the 'public' have quite a lot of property that is not maintained as well as it might be.

As a 'constitutional treasure' which is the envy of many other states we should count ourselves very lucky that the 'asset' is a cheap as it is for the profits made overall within the UK economy and the prestige it provides us.

  finerty 21:33 14 Oct 2010

What about the Fee paying visitors who visited the palace and paid to go inside....

She could always lease the palaces out and the castles and other bit and bobs she owns or the state owns....

I miss Princes Diane not enough monuments in he name and the good things she done for this country and abroad.

  interzone55 21:59 14 Oct 2010

"I miss Princes Diane"
Well the Daily Express keeps you up to date with all the latest Princess Diana news, including the correct spelling of her name and title...

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