Quango's wages are they justified?

  Uboat 10:07 02 Jul 2010

In a time when money is so tight & there is very little business support (I can speak through personal experience) is a wage of £200.000 PLUS (See link below) justified? I mean are we REALLY getting value for money?
In my town (HULL) one of the guano's has just lost its funding "Yorkshire forwards" it employs just 450 staff & the chief Ex earns £135.000 a year, I'm NOT saying they didn't bring jobs locally of cause they did but it wasn't anything outstanding,
My uncle is the health & safety manager & Directly responsible for the safety of 4500 people within the NHS locally, he has letters after his name & studied more than ten years at the uni, Although he doesn't directly generate revenue & it's a hard comparison how is my uncle's wage or £25k justified for 4500 people's lives & the highly responsible position he has & yet a small scale guango/company exec earns more than four times what my uncle does? what's your thoughts on this?

  Uboat 10:07 02 Jul 2010

Sorry here is the link!

click here

  interzone55 10:10 02 Jul 2010

Was the renaming to guanos deliberate?

  hssutton 10:21 02 Jul 2010

I think I'm in agreement with you in saying that IMO it's not value for money, in much the same vein as the saleries of the top union leaders.

  Uboat 10:32 02 Jul 2010

alan14? no i didnt know i had changed it? sorry & thankx for pointing it out...

hssutton, hi yes when the story of Yorkshire Forwards came to light regarding them loosing there funding on the Hull daily mail's website just under the story people can leave comments & 99% of the comments was totaly against the over generous wage bill compaired to the fanacial investment YF brought to the area

people was saying HOW in hull where the average wage is around £17k click here
can whoever makes the wages justify a £135k salary for a 450 staff workforce?

  Uboat 10:33 02 Jul 2010

alan14 LOOL yeah ive just googled the word "guangos" lol
i rest my case :-)

click here

  johndrew 10:37 02 Jul 2010

In my opinion the answer is generally "no".

Perhaps the error (guanos) was a subconscious confirmation of opinion at the initiation of the thread :-)

  zzzz999 10:57 02 Jul 2010

In the self serving world of the UK CEO clique these wages are paltry, hardly adds up to a bank CEO's bonus.

  Uboat 11:00 02 Jul 2010

Rick'scafe point taken BUT then we are talking about a WHOLE differant kettle of fish here on a scale thats unprecedented in terms of size's

Quangos and banks are two TOTALY differant institutions alltogether, one is Nationaly & the other is International, wage bills & risk's are far greater still...

  Kevscar1 12:33 02 Jul 2010

I've always been amazed that the goverment will create jobs/positions whose wages are higher than the Prime Ministers.

  johndrew 16:07 02 Jul 2010

There is quite a difference between commercial companies (including banks) spending money and governments spending. If a commercial enterprise spends it then it is their (or the share holders) money and accountability is limited to those 'owners' of it. Whereas when a government spends it belongs to all of us - not the government.

It is taking a long time for some politicians to realise that all monies (including MPs expenses) come from a single source - us - and as such they are accountable to us for what is done with it. I doubt there is a single taxpayer who objects to waste of this sort.

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