Quango list shows 192 to be axed!

  Uboat 12:46 14 Oct 2010

Some of them was a waste of money but some i belive should be left to run..

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Here is the list:

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  sunnystaines 12:56 14 Oct 2010

most will just have a name change or absorbed into other departments where they carry on as normal, its all hype.

  jakimo 13:41 14 Oct 2010

As sunnystaines suggests,its already been announced some will be absorbed by other departments.

but its time for overpaid Quangos to go,and replaced with local authorities who unlike Quangos were democratically elected to represent their local community

  peter99co 14:51 14 Oct 2010

to improve accountability. In time this will save millions of pounds.

  QuizMan 17:58 14 Oct 2010

It has generally been touted in the media as Quango abolition, but looking at the list, it covers a lot more than that. For example, you would hardly call the CPS a Quango.

  KremmenUK 07:13 15 Oct 2010

If they stopped sending money abroad to countries that often spend it on weapons that would help us get out of the red.

I think we need some 'foreign aid' from them now.

  QuizMan 09:01 15 Oct 2010

Agreed - that quickly became apparent when lookig at the list. The message I was trying to get across was that the press seems to use the word Quango in a derogatory sense.

  spuds 23:47 15 Oct 2010

Many of these establishments have been meaningless with an even less meaningless unaccountable team of employees for far to long. Some of the people running these establishments are on big salaries, allowances and privileged perks, which just doesn't justify their meaningless job descriptions.

There are a few that are not on the list, that perhaps warrants further investigations as to their true worth in serving the public, including some of the so called watchdogs, who are suppose to be there for the publics interest and have proved otherwise.

If we need these people and establishments for the protection of the public, then lets be 100% sure that they are value for money, and doing the job intended.

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