Quadruple yolker

  Why wont it work 14:32 24 Mar 2009

I bought some organic eggs from the Farmer's Market the other day (Stroud- best there is!) and amazed to break one open today to find it had four yolks! Anyone else had as many of more?!

Now, I appreciate that this is probably a shockingly boring subject for 99% of people, but I've been stuck inside for days finishing off my dissertation. Dissertations do strange things to your brain- the concept of thinking about anything other than parliament rolls or what's next for dinner (or why does my pc chose now to play up?) just bewilders me at the moment(!)

  Seth Haniel 15:09 24 Mar 2009

but it looks like the Yolks on you :)

  Kaacee 15:19 24 Mar 2009

Seth Haniel...Don't egg him on

  peter99co 15:36 24 Mar 2009

Best I can do is 1 dozen double yolks from a local farm in the same box.

  Si_L 15:50 24 Mar 2009

Four yolks?! I reckon hes eggsaggerating it.

  wiz-king 15:54 24 Mar 2009

Must be a peasants egg if it has four yokels!

  Why wont it work 16:19 24 Mar 2009

Oh dear, I should have expected the (terrible) egg jokes!

But in any case, thanks, your responses have cheered me up no end! Rightio, back to the eggciting world of Edward III for another few hours! *cough*

  Clapton is God 16:21 24 Mar 2009

Which came first - the chicken(s) or the egg?

  Why wont it work 16:29 24 Mar 2009

I would hope in this case the egg. I don't think I'd like to have been the chicken which laid the said egg- it was huge! I thought they'd accidentally included a duck or goose egg on first glance!

  Chegs ®™ 17:40 24 Mar 2009

My Mother regularly gets multi-yoke eggs(even if she buys supermarket produce)but I havent ever bought anything strange eggwise.

  lotvic 22:48 26 Mar 2009

The one with the biggest smile :D

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