Quad Core For £300

  charmingman 21:18 15 Apr 2008

Never do i get a deal i am one of those people that misses out on the top deals HOWEVER ive just won on Ebay a Quad Core 2.0ghz per core (8000ghz) & 350 Gig Hd with a 19 Inch TFT & vista with keyboard & mouse (With dock) for £300+£25 pp
So there is still mega deal available on Ebay..anyone had this kinda luck b4?
by the way ive bought it & i also looked at the sellers feedabck which was 98.9% posative speaks volumes,Ive just emailed him & he got back to me within 2 mins & he informed me he's posting it in the morning..YUM YUM..lol

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:45 15 Apr 2008

Not wishing to put the mockers on this, but I have a profound feeling of dread.


  charmingman 00:24 16 Apr 2008

GANDALF please tell me why??
are quad cores no good..?

  crosstrainer 00:57 16 Apr 2008

Sorry, but have to agree.

  DrScott 06:04 16 Apr 2008

let us know how you get on, but I suspect Gandalf is concerned you might not get the PC you're hoping for.

I'm not entirely familiar with a 2.0GHz Quad CPU - the Q6600 is clocked at 2.4GHz. Unless it's a phenom CPU in which case it's really not very great.

But still, if you get a PC for £300 that's not bad!

  charmingman 08:35 16 Apr 2008

Hello the proccessor is a "intel core 2 quad" does this make it a rubbish pc as i dont know the quad core's..?

  interzone55 09:04 16 Apr 2008

The Quad core CPUs are pretty good, but there isn't really much software that supports them - if you do a lot of Photoshop work or video editing then you may feel the benefit.

Still, £325 for a PC with 19" screen isn't to be sniffed at...

  lisa02 10:23 16 Apr 2008

It looks like it's not a "core2quad" click here none of them are 2.0GHz

  interzone55 11:26 16 Apr 2008

There isn't a Core2 Quad rated at 2Ghz, but the Xeon Quad E5405 is 2Ghz - can't see a £300 PC having one of these onboard though...

click here

  charmingman 11:55 16 Apr 2008

Ive emailed the guy & he knows "NOTHING" about pc's ive asked him whats the proccessor speeds & all he thinks is 2.0ghz per proccessor he said & BUT he did say it has "Quad" & intel on it on the front on a sticker & its SUPER FAST he stated..?? oh & its brand new..??

  charmingman 11:57 16 Apr 2008

sorry it has "intel core 2 quad" on the sticker on the front of the base unit..there is two side's to this coin its either much better than he thinks or its much slower...Doh...

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