QE2 prepares for her final cruise

  TopCat® 14:51 06 Jan 2008

Quite an interesting story of the Warwick family ties to this liner during its service life - click here

For someone born more or less equidistant from the sea I have always had a fastination for it and the ships that traverse the oceans. I have sailed on quite a few vessels in my lifetime but never yet taken passage on a cruise ship. I wondered if anyone here has any interesting stories to tell about their own cruising experiences. I may spring a surprise on my dear lady yet! :o) TC.

  Les 15:02 06 Jan 2008


Just out of curiosity - did you by any chance watch "Keeping Up Appearances" today? The 'Buckets' were on a QE 2 cruise. Hilarious as usual! But it served as a , more or less, guided tour of that liner.

  TopCat® 15:12 06 Jan 2008

Sorry, Les, I didn't, but the progamme may hopefully be aired again soon. I'll watch out for it and in the meantime thanks for the 'heads up' about it. TC.

  Earthsea 15:18 06 Jan 2008

When I was very little (couldn't have been more than seven as its name changed to the Azur in 1975) we went on a cruise aboard the Eagle to Portugal and Morocco. All I remember is my dad getting his leg stuck in a lift door, and vaguely recall a very big restaurant. Sorry, not very interesting!

The Eagle click here

  CatTrading 15:22 06 Jan 2008

A Cousin enjoyed his South Atlantic cruise in 82 on board the QE2.
Even got to come home in it!

  CatTrading 15:24 06 Jan 2008

A cousin enjoyed his South Atlantic cruise in 82.
Even came home in it minus a few things!

  CatTrading 15:25 06 Jan 2008

Strange 2 postings only clicked once?

  Bingalau 16:41 06 Jan 2008

Cat Trading. Some of the people who were counted out, were not counted back though...

  CatTrading 19:47 06 Jan 2008

Indeed, in fact a bit of him will always be their!

  Quickbeam 02:06 07 Jan 2008

I remember my dad taking me to see it just before the launch when we lived in Dunfermline. It towered massively, overshadowing all the surrounding tenement blocks.

Before it was named QE2, it was referred to as the Q2 in the papers.

  tullie 09:39 07 Jan 2008

Sthe QE2 when i was on a recent cruise,was surprised how small it was compared to other cruise liners.

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