Pyramids' Biggest Mystery Finally 'Solved'

  carver 18:20 05 May 2014

Saw that heading on Skys news site enter link description here and started reading it and came to the end and thought, what a load of rubbish.

I believe that this is the article mentioned enter link description here and yes it's true that wet sand slides easier but just how much water would they have needed.

We aren't talking about a couple of stones but a couple of million stones, so who wanted the job of water carrier.

  Aitchbee 19:35 05 May 2014

This is my theory.

Each massive individual block of stone that makes up an Egyptian Pyramid was hewn by hand out of a stone quarry then fashioned [by hand] into a [more moveable] spherical shape [like a snooker ball]. Once transported to the required site, the spheres were converted into cubes and piled on top of each other, using sturdy scaffolding and stout pulleys ... hey presto ... a pyramid!

  BRYNIT 19:49 05 May 2014

After reading your thread I though! "What if there was little or no sand, plenty of water and the ground was solid at the time of the pyramids being built".

My first search found a youtube video CLICK HERE indicating that some of the pyramids where build around existing mountains indicating hard ground. Did they also cut the rock from the inside and place it arround the outside?. I click on another Youtube video CLICK HERE indicating that rocks were moved along canals and up locks to take them up the top of the pyramid indicating plenty of water.

The question I would be asking is was the sands ever a problem when the pyramids were first built or did the sands appear when the water dried up and other mountains started to erode. Just a thought.

  kad292 21:42 05 May 2014

There are some who question the accepted chronology of Egypt and place the Sphinx and older pyramids at an earlier date when the area was rich savannah with plenty of water,rainfall as well as lakes.There could have been plenty of wood,the over use of which helped the desertification process, plus that which could have been imported to build trolleys pulled on an hard surface as well as canal ways.

  martd7 22:25 05 May 2014

What mystery? Alien technology was used to construct the pyramids

  bumpkin 23:39 05 May 2014

BRYNIT, some interesting stuff in your links and the ongoing links. Beats watching the crap on the TV.

  mbc 09:36 06 May 2014

Having seen umpteen TV progs and read articles on pyramids, what struck me as a major omission in the telling is that the main characteristic of the stone blocks is that whilst all the blocks in each layer are of the same thickness (in order to maintain a level), each layer is a different thickness. Within each layer the other two dimensions vary in each block. The advantages are that accuracy in cutting the blocks is only necessary in the height, and there is less waste, as a variety of stone pieces can be used straight from the quarry.

Interestingly, the problems experienced by the deterioration of the Sphinx is due to erosion by ground water. Pumps are being installed to reduces the effects.

  carver 09:39 06 May 2014

"Pumps are being installed to reduces the effects." don't think they will be able to re-inflate it, it's made of stone.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:01 06 May 2014

Yes but the pyramids are just blow up models -- see the beginning of the film Despicable Me for conformation.

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