Putin gets it right

  Al94 19:26 17 Jan 2014

Vladimir Putin has often concerned me but for once an amazing amount of common sense has been displayed. If only it could be replicated throughout Europe click here

  wee eddie 19:47 17 Jan 2014

Why on earth does he think that Gay folk should want to have anything to do with children.

Unfortunately the man is/has become a short of pantomime right wing villain. Not good for a country

  Al94 19:55 17 Jan 2014

You have totally missed the point. He introduced a bill making a law that gay people cannot express their views on gay rights or issues to anyone under age. Once they are of age, they are free to make their own minds up. Equates to no displays in the media of same sex relationships promoted as normal to young impressionable children.

  fourm member 20:05 17 Jan 2014

And I thought we'd seen some incredible ignorance in the referendum threat.

It is a real demonstration of the idea 'it takes all sorts' to find that someone thinks Putin has done a good thing.

  Forum Editor 20:10 17 Jan 2014


I think it's you who is missing the point. wee eddie is right, Putin isn't on the same planet as most of us when it comes to understanding these things.

You seem to think that 'young impressionable children' as you put it, will somehow be corrupted by learning that a Gay relationship is every bit as acceptable to enlightened people as a heterosexual one.

That attitude - the one that secretly believes homosexuals are distasteful creatures, and that children will be corrupted if they learn about Gay people - belongs back in the dark ages. Calling Putin's repressive policy "an amazing amount of common sense" demonstrates just how deep-rooted homophobia can be in some people.

  rdave13 20:16 17 Jan 2014

fourm member, I gather you have no liking for the man and his politics.

Since homosexuality is no longer taboo or illegal, I'm wondering why so many topics relate to this type of relationships? Heterosexual relationships are not deemed to be a problem to children?

  rdave13 20:19 17 Jan 2014

Forum Editor , as usual, better put than I can.

  Al94 20:47 17 Jan 2014

I object to being labelled as homophobic.

Of course young under age children are being seriously corrupted, anyone who thinks otherwise is divorced from reality.

Humour me with an opinion on why there is a huge and sustained increase in the number of suicides in my area particularly in young adolescent males where sexuality issues appear to be the root of the reason? This after two decades of promoting the gay lifestyle as normal to children!

My opinion is that experimentation in what is being promoted as normal is leaving some young people confused and uncomfortable leading to disastrous consequences.

This promotion is close to child abuse and I predict will turn out to be a massive failed social experiment in the fulness of time.

  rdave13 20:53 17 Jan 2014

Some posts missing here? I hope so either the paracetamol for my headache isn't what it used to be.

  fourm member 20:56 17 Jan 2014

Object all you like but you keep on demonstrating it.

Saying 'gay lifestyle' is a pretty good give-away.

  Al94 21:18 17 Jan 2014

Is that so fm?

I have friends who are gay with whom we socialise. They are mature adults and I have no issue with their sexuality. I treat them ad I would anyone else otherwise they wouldn't come near me.

That is not the debate here which you conveniently choose to ignore.

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