Purple Heart

  laurie53 07:02 20 Apr 2008

El Gordo suggests introducing the Purple Heart

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What is it with our politicians' obsession with all things American?

  Forum Editor 08:29 20 Apr 2008

that our politicians are obsessed with all things American?

  tullie 09:00 20 Apr 2008

I thought he said a purple heart style medal,the troops deserve it,but it doesent make him obsessed with all things American.

  Forum Editor 09:41 20 Apr 2008

we see thread after thread in this forum, criticising our government for not doing more to recognise people who are killed or wounded in action, and then, when someone suggests that we do something to remedy that he's criticised for being "obsessed with all things American".

  Monoux 10:02 20 Apr 2008

Perhaps if he did something meaningful like making sure that troups didn't get killed for lack of proper kit / equipment, making sure they got as much compensation when injured as criminals who are deprived if their fixes, instead of promoting a bit of tin ( the cheapest option no doubt )then maybe just maybe people would have a bit more respect for him.
As it is he is seen as a penning pinching ******* who completely ignores public opinion and clearly believes he and only he knows best.

  Forum Editor 10:33 20 Apr 2008

That pretty well describes every British Prime Minister there has ever been.

The best equipment in the world can't stop troops being killed or injured, and it's ludicrous to suggest otherwise.

  Monoux 10:57 20 Apr 2008

My post said "making sure that troups didn't get killed for lack of proper kit / equipment" NOT that all they could all be avoided by having better equipment.

Coroners inquests have blaimed lack of proper equipment for injuries / casualties and I think they have more facts to base that decision on than you or I

If HM Government were so sure they had acted correctly why did they try to gag the coroners with legal proceedings.

  Cymro. 11:08 20 Apr 2008

"What is it with our politicians' obsession with all things American?"

I am no fan of Gordon Brown or the Americans but if this will make the life of our troops or their families a little better then wheres the harm in it.

As for an obsession with America well at least they treat their troops better than we do so it may be a good thing for us to take a page out of their book on this one.

  spuds 12:54 20 Apr 2008

I wonder if the Purple Heart suggestion, as anything to do with recent increasing concerns and events of 'missing' medals for other previous warfare activities!.

  wee eddie 13:53 20 Apr 2008

for all that have served in a particular Operation, but a Medal for anyone wounded while on Military Service sounds laudable

  techie4me 16:22 20 Apr 2008

In non-combat areas of operation HM Forces get the General Service Medal (GSM) which has mostly been awarded to those that have served over 30 continuous days in Northern Ireland.

The idea about a medal for those injured whilst on active service has been mooted before by both Labour & the Tories but never got far.
Why the sudden change by our wonderful leader Gordon?
May be something to do with the negative press he currently gets?
And the belief that he does not support the troops currently overseas fighting for a war that Labour sent them to?

And yes a medal should be awarded to ALL HM Forces that are injured whilst carrying out their duties

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