Pupils 'distressed over spelling'

  peter99co 16:16 02 Oct 2008

Is it any wonder we have problems with children's education when people just give up?

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Do you agree with this policy?

  Quickbeam 16:26 02 Oct 2008

Give it 5 years and you'll be able to get an English degree using text speak to write thesis.

Personally I'm for bringing back knuckle rapping for bad spelling... that'll give them something to be distressed about.

  ventanas 16:30 02 Oct 2008

Couldn't have put it better myself.

  Legolas 16:31 02 Oct 2008

What these children will find more distressing is a life on the dole when they cannot get a job because they are illiterate.

The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

  Forum Editor 16:33 02 Oct 2008

head of school improvement Karen Charters said: It is entirely for the school to decide if they wish to use spelling lists.
It is important that we recognise the strengths a variety of approaches can bring."

It's a pity that Karen doesn't seem to recognise the strengths that the ability to spell basic words can bring to a child in its adult life.

If we are to adopt a system of education that is based on the premise that a child must never be in any way stressed or challenged by the effort of learning then we may as well give up all hope of our country ever holding any kind of influential position in the world. We'll turn out generations of non-stressed people who have never been allowed to feel that they failed at anything, no matter how low the standard of their work.

School isn't supposed to be a place where you go to play with a substitute mummy, it's a learning institution. We go to school in order to learn how to expand our minds, and cope with the real world, one in which we'll have an advantage if we're reasonably articulate, can write a decent paragraph or two, and can work out how much change we should get from the shop. We go to school to have our imaginations fired by teachers who want their pupils to blossom under their guidance, and to learn how to relate to groups of other people, how to compete (yes, that hated word), and feel the satisfaction of winning.

Later on, we'll have to make our way out in the big, wide world, and boy, will the stress pile on then! Learning how to cope with a bit of stress is just as important as anything else, and I wouldn't want a child of mine to be taught by someone who was afraid of checking a few spellings in case the kids got all distressed. Children are remarkably resilient, and they'll learn how too deal with the stress of learning to spell a few words each night at home.

  cluckinbell 16:35 02 Oct 2008

I suppose they will stop what my primary school used to do, have everyone stand up and go through the times table, one at a time, when you got it wrong you sat down....it focused the mind to learn them so you were not seen as the class idiot.

Result - i knew my times table at a very young age, i now have people in their twenties who can't do simple multiplications in their head, thats progress.

  peter99co 17:02 02 Oct 2008

The type of education we are now giving our children is so pathetic.

Current examples

The President of the Spelling Society. said,"people should be able to use whichever spelling they prefer."

Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

These are the people who are officially supposed to maintain standards in our school system.

They let a child get marks for writing "F off" as an answer in an exam.

It is no suprise that kid's later in life stand and shout jump when they see somebody on top of a Car Park!

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:46 02 Oct 2008

Where would Japan be now if their educational system were run in a similar fashion?

  Legolas 17:55 02 Oct 2008

I can just see it in the future when(if) these children get a job. When the boss asks why they haven't done a particular task they will simply reply "it was distressing me so I didn't do it"

Their feet wouldn't touch.

  Bingalau 17:55 02 Oct 2008

Without stress life would not be worth living...

  beeuuem 18:15 02 Oct 2008

It distresses me to pay tax - should I stop?

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