Punk is SO dead...

  DANZIG 23:49 01 Oct 2008

Just seen Johnny Rotten advertising butter.

What next? Ozzy advertising the RSPCA??

  rdave13 00:06 02 Oct 2008

LoL. As we get older we get wiser; so JR got a few bob for not much work.

  Kev.Ifty 00:10 02 Oct 2008

Johnny Rotten, Butter advertiser, there are two more words ending in 'ER' that I would associate with that bloke.

  DANZIG 00:13 02 Oct 2008

Gotta admit though, it made me actually NOTICE the advert, which I suppose is the whole point isn't it??

  Belatucadrus 00:46 02 Oct 2008

No Ozzy did "I can't believe it's not butter" with Jon Culshaw and Pepsi.
Not as far as I'm aware done any work for Bat repellent suppliers.

  User-1229748 09:30 02 Oct 2008

i must admit to being a big fan of the sex pistols.how time flies.

  Forum Editor 19:25 02 Oct 2008

is that - almost without exception - the most radical of people mellow somewhat with age.....and with experience.

  laurie53 20:26 02 Oct 2008

When do you start, or are you the exception?

  Si_L 21:00 02 Oct 2008

If someone has spent the time to write a thread about the advert, I guess its doing its job.

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