chass 17:07 26 Sep 2007

has anyone ever used the UltraSeal in your tyres car/caravan, right now I have tyron bands in my caravan tyres,but am thinking of changing the caravan for this years model,and seeking advise befor having tyron bands fitted. thanks

  alB 17:21 26 Sep 2007

I've seen this product demonstrated and it does appear to work well, no personal experience of it though ...alB

click here

  techie4me 17:22 26 Sep 2007

I would not use it as some tyre products can in fact damage the side walls of the tyres.
If you have a puncture it's better to get it repaired properly.

  Riojaa 17:23 26 Sep 2007

I would suggest axle stands and bricks.

A much safer choice for all road users.

  Forum Editor 18:08 26 Sep 2007

on the A1M recently. I was following it down the long hill towards the Hatfield tunnel when suddenly the nearside tyre blew. I have never seen such a frightening sight in my life - the caravan was swerving violently from side to side across two lanes, and the driver did well to keep it upright.

Anything which helps avoid those situations has to be a good idea.

  Pine Man 18:19 26 Sep 2007

'Anything which helps avoid those situations has to be a good idea.'

Much though it grieves me I think Riojaa has hit on the ideal, and only, solution to resolve the problems associated with caeavan punctures ;-)

  Stuartli 19:57 26 Sep 2007

I can't remember the last time I had a puncture...:-)

By the way, many tyre repair specialists will refuse to repair a tyre which has had a tyre sealant used in it.

This is for both safety and the need to prevent any comeback if a repaired tyre causes problems - once a tyre has had a tyre sealant used in it then it is virtually impossible to tell the source of the original puncture.

As it could have been in a sidewall, which cannot be repaired by law, then it could prove dangerous to repair such a tyre.

  Pamy 20:05 26 Sep 2007

but if the tyre dos'nt go down then you never know if you have a puncture!!

  bluto1 21:58 26 Sep 2007

I agree with the use of a sealant, provided the tyre can be reinflated to a reasonable level to get the vehicle to the nearest source of tyres and have a new tyre fitted.
Regardless of how long a tyre may last with a sealant repair I,personally, would not feel safe.

Is it considered legal to drive on with a sealant repair?

  CurlyWhirly 22:10 26 Sep 2007

I am a motorcyclist and I was gettng fed up of having rear tyre punctures and so a few months ago when I had to replace my rear tyre, I tried out GOOP and it really works.

I ran over a screw a few weeks ago and I took a risk by pulling it out and I am pleased to say that after a few bubbles were seen, the puncture repaired itself.

GOOP can seal puntures up to a quarter of an inch in diameter.

Best of all it doesn't affect the handling of the motorcycle and the seal is permanent for the life of the tyre.

It is installed in the tyre when it's fitted i.e. when the tyre is being changed.

I think it can also be used for cars and caravans !

  spuds 23:02 26 Sep 2007

A few facts click here

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