Psychics, Spirit Talkers & Tarot Readers…

  Z1100 16:10 09 Dec 2006

I have spoken to these people before; before I realised that they could talk to spirits no better than I can. I was young, vulnerable and I expect they are clever ‘people watchers’ and easily tell you what you want to hear. Sort of ‘there there’ treatment.

I am not bitter about it, well ok maybe a little bit, but only enough to hold it back for 20 years ‘till this forum opened, I can ‘bide my time’ quite well.

I was wondering what others thought of this type of person. I think they are confidence tricksters but not the worst kind. The ones I really do not like are those on the telly. Oh and that ‘ghost hunter’ show. Because they both imply (or at least I infer) that they are 100% genuine and I thought TV would be governed well enough to make them state that they are talking with their lips firmly entrenched where an enema should be!

My Sister in Law actually makes money from this and it pains me to see the type of person that relies on, and actually makes life decisions based upon what I would call, flawed information at least and lies at worst.

Any Comments?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:23 09 Dec 2006

Need to be very careful how this subject is discussed as could be classed as religious.

People are free to believe in whatever they wish to believe in.

The unscrupulous will aways exploit someones' beliefs
if it will get them something.

Hope is what most people get out of their particular belief and they are more than willing to pay for it.

There is a lot more out there than we know at present. Sixth sense, ESP, maybe commonplace in the future.

  g0nvs 16:54 09 Dec 2006

Psychics, Spirit Talkers & Tarot Readers

Total Bunkum.

  Blackhat 16:59 09 Dec 2006

As Fruit bat says, the vunerable are always a target, thats modern society for you, not a religious issue.

My in laws are faith healers and of the spiritual belief but I know very well that it is only for financial gain that they practice.

As a result of my father in law's meddling with my wife's mind from an early age she is still under going councelling at the age of 40!

These people do not feel responsible for the concequences of there actions, more seriously they are not governed or regulated in any way. anyone can call themselves a Psychic and get away with ruining lives with no redress.

  Kate B 17:24 09 Dec 2006

Blackhat, you've obviously had a bad experience, but there are also a lot of extremely well-meaning faith healers, tarot readers etc out there and it's a bit unfair to tar them all with the same brush. And they often do some good, even if it's not measurable by strictly scientific methods: they can make people feel happier and more confident about themselves and/or about the future. I'm not a believer but - as with religion - if someone wants to put their faith in something intangible and unprovable, I'm not going to judge them harshly.

  Blackhat 17:42 09 Dec 2006

Kate B, I am not tarring them all with the same brush. as you say, there are many who give people comfort, A lot of us read our stars in our daily papers but what about those who make life changing decisions based on paid advice and live to regret it. There is no ombudsman or regulator to complain to.

If the Psychic/tarrot industry was regulated people would probably have more confedence with it and genuine practitioners would benefit.

Problem is how would you define or licence a genuine practitioner?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:46 09 Dec 2006

Always strikes me as a bit odd that a 'spirit' can come back from the Great Unknown to impart pearls of wisdom onto their relatives yet cannot remmebr their name until a 'relatives' stands up in the audience and claims to know them. The whole thing is utter cobblers and people that pay to see mediums are naive to say the least. Houdini and James Randi offered large sums of cash to anyone that could prove that the 'spirit' world has collected click here


  Blackhat 17:59 09 Dec 2006

Gandalf, there are two sides to this activity. There are those who do showmanship on the stage (obviously pandering to the vunerable) and those who do private sittings at hourly rates.

Anyone paying for a performance can only be expected to be entertained (or not). Someone paying for a private sitting is expecting a lot more and will be more influenced by what they hear.

My point is; When advice is given by a so called medium/faith healer/tarrot reader, who is responsible for the consequences? Are you to blame if you do something as advised by such a person or can you say my medium told me to do it.

  Z1100 18:02 09 Dec 2006

I knew someone did but I left that out because I could not remember the details or point to any proof that he did. But there you have it. Thanks you.

Can we keep of the backs of those that actually go for help. If we don't, that will surely close the tread. I am only interested in opinions on those that practice or those that are used to 'mine information' for those that claim to be 'in touch with people from the inferno down below or the eternal kingdom upon high' as it were.

Interesting healers came up, I forgot them I told people at work I was a Reki Master. I think I seen a program about them so I started talking about it at work. (For one day only before I ousted myself as a fake) Three people that day wanted 'healing' and none of them asked me for proof and were quite keen to pay £30 quid for the session. The just took my word that I was a healer. Ok they knew me but that is still odd to me.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:02 09 Dec 2006

I am not a beliver as you may have gathered from my post above.

However I have seen "Faith Healers" at work (not the ones that do it for money).

for the people I saw taking the "hands on" they came away relieved of some pain or ailment even if not fully cured.

A woman in our tour group had a skin complaint on her hands / arms and was covered in nasty red blotches she had had these for years(had met her before on a previous cruise), always kept her arms covered.

A faith healer laid his hands on her head for approximately three minutes. Never made any claims or took any money.

We were amazed at how over the rest of the holiday this womans' blotches gradually faded by about 50%.

Not fully cured but what it did for her self confidence!

Was this mind over matter? Her mind or the faith healers?

  Z1100 18:03 09 Dec 2006

My point exactly.

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