Protest against cutbacks! (Started in my town)

  Uboat 17:52 13 Sep 2010

Yup already its started with the park rangers protesting in my town and i belive the DHSS staff soon then the council staff in a week or so, this could gridlock the UK quite easly when it spreads!

Its very worrying but i am with them who are protesting i mean if i was going to loose my job and the goverment wants to spend billions on two new aircraft carriers i think i'd make my point or another way to look at is is the money been waisted by the goverment or spent on areas that can survive reductions

Is there a easy way out for the coalation? I doubt it very much either way its dull

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  peter99co 17:57 13 Sep 2010

Mr Crow has called for the roads to be blocked!

  john bunyan 18:34 13 Sep 2010

There are more than 6000 people involved in building the aircraft carriers so cancelling would cause them and ancilliary suppliers to become unemployed. The trouble is that we are spending more than we are earning, so many areas will have to be cut back. Even the previous government was planning big cuts.

  Colin 18:54 13 Sep 2010

Why don't they wait until they know what the government wants to do instead of scaremongering? All this does is worry people unnecessarily. I’m not putting my head in the sand, but at the moment it’s just posturing and hot air.

  Al94 19:20 13 Sep 2010

The BBC might not tell us! click here

  egapup 19:59 13 Sep 2010

Lets all emigrate, China looks good, theyre building 70 new major airports....plenty of work.

  natdoor 20:04 13 Sep 2010

Yes,as a nation we are spending more than we earn due to the collapse of tax yield resulting from the credit crunch. There are two ditinct ways of dealing with this, either reduce spending or increase earnings. The latter requires investment in job creation. Of course, a mixture of the two is the optimum solution.

The public are fooled into thinking that reduction of spending can be achieved by cutting out "waste" and by increasing "efficiency" with no deleterious economic affect. The best way of looking at what one regards as waste is to consider it as an inappropriate use of resources. To avoid a reduction in economic activity, the resources must be diverted to another "non-wasteful" activity. And increased efficiency is doing the same for less. While the activity or level of service may not be reduced, the savingis achieved by reducing "backroom jobs".

So any reduction in spending made on these grounds has the affect of reducing employment. the gain is offset by a loss in income tax, VAT and probable increase in benefit payments and the reduced economic activity will have knock-on affects on businesses. There are already indications that coalition MPs are beginning to recognise this. Let's hope that commonsense prevails and the coalition falls apart in the near future.

  Uboat 20:04 13 Sep 2010

egapup in two years time i hopefully wont be here in the uk anyway! moving to South America in the country!

  Strawballs 20:10 13 Sep 2010

Lets all just pay with our puplic services for the fact we had to bail out the banks with puplic money considering the banks are private sector.

They know that there is no way they can be allowed to go under because the entire ecconomy would collapse, had it been any other service of industry it would have just been left to flounder because of bad management.

  Grey Goo 20:30 13 Sep 2010

I guess the "Enemies of the State",sorry I meant the TUC are really worried that the present Government might just fix things. By trying to sabotage it all and dooming "Ordinary working people", whom they purport to represent to lower standards of living for ever,they can then say "We told you so"

  Strawballs 20:37 13 Sep 2010

The only way ConDem will be able fix things will be to go back in time and sort the banks out globally before it happens or stand down.

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