spikeychris 19:36 12 Sep 2009


Just wondered how many people would be watching the last night of the proms

Will you be watching it?

I'm a classical music junkie so I've watched all the proms leading up to this but is it still popular?


  Bingalau 19:47 12 Sep 2009

No I will use catch up tomorrow maybe, tonight I am going out and I am recording the Johnny Cash items on mine. Right, it's getting dark so I must be running late.. I'm off.

  morddwyd 20:46 12 Sep 2009

Compulsive viewing for me until a few years ago, but having watched it since the first grainy b&w pictures way back when, I didn't care for the way it was going, and no longer indulge.

  Forum Editor 23:49 12 Sep 2009

but not as much as in the past - something's lacking, although I'm not quite sure what.

  Spark6 23:59 12 Sep 2009

Caught the last hour and enjoyed it, said to my better half "at least, even though we can't play one day cricket, we can enjoy this!".

  BT 09:07 13 Sep 2009

We watched it for the first time for several years and enjoyed it.

What a pity that the Union Flag that Sarah Connely singing Rule Britannia produced from her sword scabbard was UPSIDE DOWN. It was the only one that I noticed among the multitude being waved. Shame on the BBC they should know better!

click here

  morddwyd 12:18 13 Sep 2009

"Shame on the BBC they should know better!"

What is even more shameful is that no-one rushed forward to help the lady.

The Union flag displayed upside down is a traditional method of indicating distress and requesting help!

  Quickbeam 12:27 13 Sep 2009

That was well spotted, I saw that last 20 minutes or so (admittedly I was waiting for something else to start), and wouldn't have seen that if I was looking for it.

Maybe it's proof that the BBC really is dumbing down after all...

  wellshgit 13:36 13 Sep 2009

Enjoyed every minute as usual

  Forum Editor 13:39 13 Sep 2009

that the upside down flag matters one iota - the huge majority of the audience wouldn't have noticed anyway.

  Bingalau 14:24 13 Sep 2009

After serving a long time in the forces I wouldn't recognise an upside down union flag. nor any other flag for that matter. I would just think blimey that country's flag is upside down and that would be the end of it. To recognise our flag as being upside down you would have to look pretty damn hard and pretty closely. The large percentage the FE speaks about, is 100% ...

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