Program intergration,

  wolfie3000 08:28 23 Feb 2009

Iv always been a fan of different software being able to integrate seamlessly with each other and it got me thinking,

We have now since windows XP been able to view different pictures with windows file system so why not other media?

Lets say your browsing through your video files and you want to watch one, why not have the windows file system play the video instead of having a separate program to view it.

Also have the same for other files, PDF files, Word documents, MP3's and so on.

Being able to have windows load any media instead of having separate programs would not only free up alot of space that the other programs would take up, it would also mean that different media would be easier to handle.

Maybe in the future releases of Windows we will see this happen.

  wiz-king 08:36 23 Feb 2009

No, No, a thousand times NO!

Windows is bloated enough now, if it was to be a 'do everything' OS most people would only use a fraction of it. Much better to have a slim OS and bolt on what you needed. It would also lead to more 'patches' and less choice of applications.

  interzone55 08:37 23 Feb 2009

Thank the EU for that not happening.

If MS integrated a video viewer etc into the Windows shell the EU would just force them to remove it.

But Apple seem to be able to get away with it...

  DieSse 10:00 23 Feb 2009

"We have now since windows XP been able to view different pictures with windows file system"

The "windows file system" (aka Explorer) doesn't do half what you think it does - it's bolt on programs added in to windows that does many of these things.

Thank goodness many other supplies supply both extra software and alternative software, and help prevent MS abusing their dominant position to excess.

  DieSse 11:09 23 Feb 2009

"But Apple seem to be able to get away with it..."

Apple are not in a dominant market position, and that affects competition rules.

Apple don't "get away" with everything - they've been forced to climb down over interoperability issues with media for the iPod.

  wolfie3000 20:11 23 Feb 2009

Ok well how about having it so some components can be removed by the user,

But i just think it would be a whole lot easier if windows did everything instead of having to get numerous other programs to do it.

Its the same as a previous thread i wrote about different file formats, like AVI, MP4, MPEG ect...

It just seems it would be better if everything was made simpler.

  interzone55 20:31 23 Feb 2009

If MS were allowed to include file viewers into the OS, other software manufacturers would complain that it was adversely effecting their sales.

The fact is most people simply use the software pre-installed, they're not even aware that other browsers, email clients and media players are available.

The less software included with Windows the better, that way people will be forced to look for programs that do the job, rather than the afterthoughts included with the operating system...

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