Problems after Changing Electric Meters

  flycatcher1 11:00 08 Mar 2013

In January my Electric Meter was changed by Southern Electricity under, what I was told was, the ten year rule.

I noted the old figure and sent it to my provider, EDF, together with the Meter change information. I received an acknowledgement which turned out to be worth its weight in feathers.

This month a tried to enter my gas and electricity figures on their site but the electricity one was rejected as impossible. I phoned EDF and the reason is that the Meter change has not yet been activated and they have no idea when it will be done. Usual reason - new computer system in 2011.

Has anyone else had this problem?

  wiz-king 11:06 08 Mar 2013

No - but I have a similar one. I pay 2 electric bills, one for home and one for my stables, I can only do one online as their online system cant cope with two meters at one address.

  spuds 11:40 08 Mar 2013

I have had more than my fair share of billing problems with my combined fuel supplier, mainly based on the gas part of the bills being estimated, even though a meter reader was suppose to have provided the joint readings.

Other issues were also raised, but it was like talking or writing for answers and not getting actual answers.

I think I have now resolved the issues, by having 'Smart Meters' fitted.

If you want further help or advice, then perhaps try

  Woolwell 12:04 08 Mar 2013

I'm with EDF and had my meter changed last year under the 10 year rule. I have had no snags with the changeover. I don't believe their excuse about the computer as my change was more recent than 2011. I have found them to be helpful when I have rung. As a result of a call about 9 months ago I ended up on a new tariff saving around £10 per month.

  flycatcher1 13:24 08 Mar 2013

Woolwell. Good for you. I have found the EDF staff very good and helpful over the 'phone and their prices are quite good in the present climate. No pun intended.

I thought that I was getting a Smart Meter but I have been told that only BG are installing them universally.

  Woolwell 13:29 08 Mar 2013

I didn't get a smart meter and the fitter told me to be pleased!

  Forum Editor 13:41 08 Mar 2013

Like others, I'm with EDF, and my meter was also changed -about six months ago I believe.

I haven't had any problems with online meter reading submissions, and on the rare occasion I've spoken to anyone I have always found them to be friendly and helpful.

  flycatcher1 14:04 08 Mar 2013

I knew it, I am being singled out for special treatment.

Thanks for the info, spuds, but it is not that bad - yet.

  Forum Editor 14:08 08 Mar 2013

"I knew it, I am being singled out for special treatment."

Steady on, you're sounding like some of our other forum members.

I find it astonishing that someone actually said the problem was related to a new computer system in 2011. If the meter change hasn't been activated you are presumably consuming free electricity. It might be worth mentioning that to them.

  flycatcher1 14:26 08 Mar 2013

FE I meant it as a joke but I do not mind sounding like some forum members, but not all of them.

I suspect that my bill will be rationalised in the near future.

  Woolwell 14:48 08 Mar 2013

I may have been OTT but before the change I took a photo of the old reading and a after the change a photo of the new meter.

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