Problem Solved!

  morddwyd 06:48 15 May 2012

Remember my post about "mixed`Feelings"?

Well believe it or not I've just done it again, and this time the screen is cracked right across.

Forget the last, light hearted, thread, I am absolutely furious with myself.

Having had the good fortune to get away with it once, how could I be so stupid as`to let it happen again?

And no-one to blame but me, we don't have a dog or cat, it's not windy and there wasn't even any heavy traffic at the time.

My first domestic insurance claim in more than five years!

  carver 06:52 15 May 2012

morddwyd just don't tell the insurance company about your first attempt.

  john bunyan 09:24 15 May 2012

My grand daughter broke he laptop screen whilst using it on the bed and sitting on it later as it was under the duvet. The warranty did not cover this sort of damage. A new screen done by a pro cost £100!! (On a £500 laptop). A DIY screen was about £60. Cheer up, it could be worse! In my case the insurance "excess" is more than £100 so not worth a claim. There is a sort of insurance rule that says you are never insured for what happens, only for things that don't happen.

  morddwyd 10:20 15 May 2012

"Cheer up, it could be worse! "

It is.

It's a touch screen, and I've just found out it's the digitiser that's cracked, not the screen.

Almost certainly a lot more expensive!

  spuds 11:19 15 May 2012

After you have contacted the insurance company, it might be worth letting us know what they say or decide for future reference?.

  interzone55 11:51 15 May 2012

When I worked in PC repair we used to get lots of laptops covered by Gold "anything happens" warranties that had accidentally "dropped down the stairs", mysteriously most of these laptops only had a few weeks left on their warranties.

I remember one that had apparently been dropped out of a helicopter whilst the owner was using it to manage aerial photography.

Amazingly the only thing that happened to this was a broken screen and some scuffing, so I doubt it had really fallen 1000ft. In any case that one was still in the repair bay when the company folded, so he probably never got it back

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