private operation

  iqs 19:05 18 Feb 2011


I'm not sure if this is in breach of forum rules????

I was wondering how you arrange for a private operation?Like most people in the UK I am currently waiting for an appointment,but this could take up to 18 weeks.

I'm not seeking medical advice,just the correct way to inquire about it.Do I google for well knows private health companies,or does my doctor arrange it?

I don't have private medical health insurance,NHS patient .

Thank you

  Diemmess 19:18 18 Feb 2011

Put the problem to your GP.

Depending on how well you know each other he will give honest advice on whether or not it it is worth the fees.(Think of a silly number and double it)

Your GD is also the one who will make a formal referral for you.

  iqs 19:22 18 Feb 2011

Thanks Diemmess

I thought that might be the case,but wasn't too sure,
I have an appointment on Thuesday,I will ask my Dr for her advice.


  Bingalau 20:41 18 Feb 2011

iqs. I went through my GP to a specialist and the first thing is you will have to pay for a consultation. (Approx £150) then you also have to pay for any other thing that you need such as x-rays. (unless you have had them done recently on the NHS) My operation then cost me £4,700 and for a follow up consultation afterwards which lasted all of five minutes cost another £150. It is possible to see the same consultant on the NHS for your initial session but that will not be as quick as if you pay for a private one.

  Grey Goo 21:09 18 Feb 2011

The cost of your room will probably be the greatest proportion of the total if your stay is over 2 or 3 days. There is a cost in the NHS but as nobody pays, it is easily overlooked. You can get a list of charges from the Hospital of your choice.

  iqs 22:22 18 Feb 2011

Hi all

Thank you for the help.

I would sooner not pay for the operation,but having to wait 18 weeks will cause me so much stress for various reasons.Its a simple enough procedure,I should only be in hospital over night,so hopefully if I pay ,it shouldn't cost that much.

I sent an email to one of the well known private health care establishments ,just to see what they will charge,and what my money is paying for,cant hurt.

They say things come in three's ,first my new business failed after 11 months,now the operation,what's next????

Thanks again

  Diemmess 11:12 19 Feb 2011

As already hinted, you can have a private consultation with your GP's recommended consultant, without obligation to commit yourself to having any treatment privately.

Depending on the eventual treament, you should be aware that in addition to the consultant's fees, you may have to pay for any tests and scans which he/she might require to reach a diagnosis and make a treatment plan.

  jakimo 11:35 19 Feb 2011

You do not say if the 18 weeks waiting is to see a consultant to confirm you are in need of an operation,or this has taken place and you are on a 18 week operation waiting list.

If the latter then most of the expenses mentioned will not apply to you.

Wishing you a hasty and successful op.

  Forum Editor 11:46 19 Feb 2011

the fact that the quality of the surgery will probably be no better than that which you'll get in an NHS hospital.

When my son was a child we needed some specialist medical advice on one occasion, and I contacted a client of mine who was a consultant paediatrician. He said 'take him to a major NHS hospital, they'll have people there who are every bit as good as the consultants in Harley street'. I did as advised, and subsequently found out that many of the private consultants and surgeons work in both the NHS and in private practices.

What you pay for when you opt for private medicine is the speed of treatment, and the after-care facilities if you're in a private hospital.

  iqs 19:24 19 Feb 2011


The 18 weeks is the waiting time for an appointment for the operation,I have already seen the specialist who informed me an operation was required.Sorry if I didn't make this clear.

I agree the treatment you receive on the NHS may well be the same as private,but without the waiting.I would sooner pay the NHS if they could preform the operation sooner then go private.It would be less painful paying the NHS lol

Thanks all

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