Prisons are full… Coffers are Empty... Crime up...

  Z1100 10:26 07 Nov 2006

And the government have been trying reform program after reform program. So much so that maybe it is time for the Government to reform its own attitude.

At a huge cost to the taxpayer and to society at large, prisoners repeatedly return to prison after re-offending. Even with greater understanding of why people turn to crime, the British prison service still adopts a Victorian punitive, rather than a rehabilitating, approach. (Although plans are afoot to understand why some habitual offenders get to a point where they do not re-offend). This out-dated attitude must change if the British prison service and justice system are not to reach meltdown;

What direction should that be?

Do we need more prisons? Last I heard there were only a few hundred cells left in the country and some police cells were makeshift prisons.

Tagging, is that the way forward; increase the number of convicted criminals to go back into the community whence they came?

Catch them young; educate them in ‘special schools’? Or does that just alienate those who try hard to live by the law and then watch young criminals go on government sponsored ‘holidays’? Maybe punish the parent? That may be a long term solution.

What about a ‘big brother’ policy with everyone in the community being advised which members of our community are convicted criminals? Many eyes make it harder to re-offend?

Or, are you a proponent of more prisons and longer sentences to deter anyone from even getting involved in so called ‘casual crime’ as they will know that a long stretch inside may await them later on down the line?

I like 3 strikes and you are out; what is your opinion?


  spuds 11:18 07 Nov 2006

When you say "Catch them young; educate them in 'special schools'". We had those at one time, they were called Borstal's, nowadays, there is a toned down version called Young Offenders Institutes. The only difference between the two corrective training establishments, was misbehave in a Borstal, and it was the birch or cat of nine tales. Misbehave in a YOI and you get your leisure and luxury entitlements reduced.

Whatever anyone states, there will always be a Yes or No vote on what should or should not be done. So there is a no win situation, especially for the victim. Mind you, there is one leader of a political party, who is suggesting that you hug a criminal!.

  ezypcy 11:21 07 Nov 2006

I blame the banks.
'You want it, then we will give you the money,no problem.
(We can mug you later ;all in good time)'.

The villians will mug someone else for it or the money.
Poeple and kids want everything now.

I blame the wars.
'But it's only telly and mugged soldiers wanting to learn a trade'.
"It was a pre-emptive tactical stike that I used,Your Honour!.
The kid gave me a Diss look and had a WMD in his pocket."

I blame the internet......
I blame the parents.......
I blame the immoral coporates

"Time up.Your back on the streets to-morrow lad
and this time behave.Please."

"See you but I was only copying my political leaders"

  Totally-braindead 11:21 07 Nov 2006

Hug a criminal what a great idea. I suppose he'd pick your pocket at the same time.

Bringing back the death penalty would free some cells but I don't suppose anyone else would agree with that idea. Shame though.

  spuds 11:25 07 Nov 2006


Further to the above. The naming and shaming policy may work in certain areas, and no doubt it could be a good thing. But in some area's, the 'baddies' are that well known, it could be a pointless exercise.More like a badge of honour, to be on a 'special persons' list!.

  citadel 18:31 07 Nov 2006

Foreign criminals are taking up a lot of the places in prisons. There are more on the way.

  Forum Editor 19:31 07 Nov 2006

As at the end of April of this year there were 8,937 foreign national prisoners (defined as anyone without a UK passport)in UK prisons, about one in eight (12 per cent) of the overall prison population, which then stood at 76,000. One in five women in prison are foreign nationals. These people come from 168 countries, but over half of them are from just six countries:-

Jamaica, Irish Republic, Nigeria,
n Pakistan, Turkey and India.

A quarter of all foreign nationals in our prisons are Jamaicans, by far the largest single group. Over 25% of all foreign nationals in our prisons are there for drug-related crime.

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