Prince William

  egapup 09:36 14 Apr 2007

So Prince William has broken up with his girlfriend and it makes headline news on the tv, coming before everything else, including a massive bomb in Iraq. I think they got thier priorities a bit wrong.

  Forum Editor 09:42 14 Apr 2007

write about things that the public wants to hear. It's a fact that bombs go off in Iraq on an almost daily basis, whereas the heir to the throne rarely splits up with a woman everyone thought he would marry.

Priorities wrong? In your opinion, maybe, and many will agree with you, but I suspect that the bulk of the breakfast-table conversation was about William and Kate, and not the Iraqi bomb.

  Noldi 10:45 14 Apr 2007

"News Editors write about things that the public wants to hear"
I’m not Joe public then because this is of no interest to me. I found the article about swamp football more interesting.


  WhiteTruckMan 10:54 14 Apr 2007

its news editors who define what the news is. If they decide its not 'newsworthy' then they do not publish it. If they don't publish it then we don't find out about it, and for all practical purposes it never happened. Its only in recent years that the growth in the internets ability to widely disseminate information from a large number of sources has to a certain extent bypassed the large news organisations. A good point to this is that it has become harder to cover up something.


  ulrich 11:22 14 Apr 2007

What these young people do they have years in front of them and I found it utterly ridiculous it was headline news. All because the Sun said so, if it is true so what?

  Kate B 11:26 14 Apr 2007

I doubt the Sun would run it if it were not true. The Sun has excellent royal sources, so I'm sure it's true.

  Ranger 12:06 14 Apr 2007

I you don't care about a story, don't buy, read, watch it, dead easy

  bremner 12:13 14 Apr 2007

Prince Willaim will be King one day so everything thing he does is newsworthy. Who he marries is just about as newsworthy as it gets.

Most commentators had been predicting an engagement to Miss Middleton so it is naive in the extreme to think that a breakdown of the relationship would not get billing on the breakfast news.

  Kate B 12:27 14 Apr 2007

I always felt sorry for them. They're really young - can you imagine if your first serious relationship had been under intense scrutiny from the media at all times? Horrible. And they're too young to get married anyway.

  Bingalau 12:29 14 Apr 2007

I watched a bit of that Swamp Football on the morning news. Brilliant! I believe there is a world Cup Competition in the offing. Anybody can enter a team. How about organising a team FE? I volunteer for goalie... Who knows? We might get to be newsworthy too.

  Forum Editor 12:33 14 Apr 2007

she seems a pretty level-headed kind of person, and I doubt that media pressure was solely to blame here. If the couple were in love, and wanted to marry I don't think they would have worried too much about the media interest - William has been brought up with it.

I suspect they simply ran out of steam, and realised they were going nowhere. She'll move on quite easily, and so will he.

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