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  lofty29 17:28 05 Apr 2009

I have just watched the first two episodes of the season three, I find it very enjoyable if taken with tounge in cheek, but seems they are starting to pull in various other ideas from series such a "spooks" and some ideas from "timeliners", and another show who name I cannot remember but had to do with clones. It is becoming obvious that not only has the far past beeen involved but the far future as well, maybe we will see Captain Kirk suddenly drop out of an "anomally" soon "beam me back scotty".

  kindly 17:49 05 Apr 2009

I enjoyed the first season and was looking forward to this one. However I am not to happy about the way things have gone. All of a sudden they have devised a method of predicting where a portal will open. But they might have to wait there for ages. uumm right. The idea of the first season was to use the portals for science.
Its gone to the dogs. I hope Dr Who is not as bad at the weekend.

  Forum Editor 23:11 05 Apr 2009

of early Dr Who episodes - I expected to see the scenery moving.

Dire, absolutely dire.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:17 06 Apr 2009

"It is becoming obvious that not only has the far past beeen involved but the far future as well"

This was established at the end of series one when "future creatures" got into the past and caused a change to the "present". Cutter is no longer in the reality he started from.

The whole premiss of time travel stories is cause and effect, affect the past change the future, anything then becomes possible.
This of course then makes it extremely hard to follow and often the script writers will get lost and ruin it all with bad mistakes, add bad acting and poor effects and the program will kill itself off very quickly.
The only good time travel series on TV is Dr Who although time tunnel wasn't too bad at first.

Anyway Primeval is much better Saturday night entertainment than Robin Hood or Merlin.


  lofty29 20:45 06 Apr 2009

fruit bat
The age old problem with time travel and the present effecting the past which then effects the present. Is the paradox situation, which postulates that if one was to travel to the past and changed it, the the situation in the present would be different so precluding that if someone was able to go back to say 1935 and kill Adolf Hilter, then WW2 would probably not have happend, so there would be no need to go back and kill him.

  lofty29 20:47 06 Apr 2009

ps sorry for the poor grammer

  Kevscar1 20:54 06 Apr 2009

I read a book a long time ago which was based on the premise that a time traveller had gone back to the start of World War 2 and Assasinated Hitler.
Without him in control The German Generals had not attacked Russia until they had beaten us. Because they were in control they then attacked Russia defeating them to so winning the war.
Sinve then I have always been interested in what if's

  AL47 20:58 06 Apr 2009

sorry but i think this program is abysmal! haha

imo of course

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:07 06 Apr 2009

This is why I said Cutter is no longer living in the reality he started from.

  lofty29 08:14 07 Apr 2009

You are getting into the paradox situation as I tried to explain, but it also brings into the situation one of the SF favourites of split or parallel universes, whereby a time traveller going back and taking action in the past would not neccesarily affect our present but could affect another present in a different continuum.

  Belatucadrus 10:43 07 Apr 2009

Just consider how tedious it would be if they had simply stuck to the original premise and it had remained a continuous cycle of "Prehistoric creature comes through anomaly, eats pedestrian and is killed/returned". Beyond playing with some interesting CGI critters it would have soon become real boring and died the death. I for one like the complexities and attempts to extrapolate logic into a Sci Fi scenario.

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