Pricey Tools Kits

  ezypcy 22:37 13 Aug 2006

A friend of mine is involved in specialist micro
hardened fiberglass doors.For this work he has to
purchase very expensive tools.However,these tools
sets are only manufactured by one company.
From that set he only uses a few of the tools but
unfortunately he still has to purchase the full set.

Have you every found yourself buying the big pack
inorder to get the 'few' required?

  Totally-braindead 23:11 13 Aug 2006

No can't say I have but then I don't really do anything that requires specialist tools. I'm sure it happens though.
On the subject of tools reminds me of a mate of mine whos a mechanic. Last year at a boot sale he bought a load of Snap On tools which were broken. He got brand new replacements for them as Snap On tools have a life time guarantee, no questions asked. He paid £10 for a pretty big box and reckons the replacement sockets etc were worth at least £400.
Bit of a bargain there I think.

  sean-278262 00:20 14 Aug 2006

Hell yes. Always seems to be a problem living in Ireland, I am forever needing to buy things I dont want to have to get just for a few bits and pieces.

I keep fish and it is a pain going on holiday as the pet shops only sell 3 day food. Who goes away for 3 days on a main holiday! Drives me mad buying several packs of the stuff working out how long Im away for in days and then getting the neighbour to call to feed them.

Thats just one example too.

CD cases always 10 packs- why cant we have a variety?
Computer software - I dont want every damn thing in a DVD box or just a little paper wallet. DVDs take up too much space and the paper wallets last about 10 days tops in this house.

AHHHHHH!!!! I must leave now as you got me ranting!


  wolfie3000 00:22 14 Aug 2006

When i worked as a welder the factory where i worked had a huge machine shop and we could make our own tools for specialist jobs,

Took us ages to make them though on the cnc machines.

But now a days i only have a few tools in the shed for d.i.y. jobs round the house like drill and bits screwdrivers and spanners.

  DieSse 00:36 14 Aug 2006


Automatic fish feeders click here

lots more if you google.

The classic is if you need a couple of screws and have to buy a pack of 10 or more.In the good old days we used to have iromongers who would sell you single items that the superstores now sell in cellophane wrapped packs containing more than you will ever need.

  Altruist 07:39 14 Aug 2006

cause the trouble for me when I need two but have to buy a 3-pack. Then, with one left over, I still need another 3-pack to make up the two required next time.

  johndrew 14:43 14 Aug 2006

And by the time you need the last two they are discharged or getting there?

  Altruist 18:05 14 Aug 2006

Yes. You,ve obviously been there.

  vinnyT 14:25 15 Aug 2006

In a show with Clive James (yrs ago) I think he was in America, there was an offer at a prosphetics (false limb and things) store for replacement testicles 'buy 2, get one free'.

Thourght that was a laugh.

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