A price worth paying?

  peter99co 09:16 05 Jun 2008

A traffic warden gets more than a soldier?
Is this true

click here

  newman35 10:02 05 Jun 2008

The phrase used was "...compare with traffic wardens...".
No one said they did actually get more. Clever wordplay by the army wallah though.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:21 05 Jun 2008

If soldiers are interested in more pay they can always apply to be traffic wardens.


  belfman 10:24 05 Jun 2008

Spot on. They know the salary when they sign up.

  peter99co 10:28 05 Jun 2008

As long as the traffic warden does not start carrying a gun. That's all right then?

  Jim Thing 12:08 05 Jun 2008

GANDALF <|:-)>
"If soldiers are interested in more pay they can always apply to be traffic wardens."
True — except for the squaddies who come home in caskets or wheelchairs.

"They know the salary when they sign up."
True — and they also know the risks, which can be rather more serious than those to which traffic wardens are exposed.

Comments like those of GANDALF <|:-)> and belfman are undeniably true. So why do they raise my blood pressure?

  anskyber 12:51 05 Jun 2008

"So why do they raise my blood pressure?"

Because the market place is not always the right mechanism for determining worth or value. The statements are true but we also live in a so called civilised society where worth, not just market availability is also valued.

In fact the forces are suffering from recruitment and retention problems and just like with nurses, teachers and many others a few years ago, the pay levels will need to be addressed.

I suspect that some reactions to threads (seemingly endless) about our "heroes" blah blah may explain the odd terseness.

  jakimo 13:05 05 Jun 2008

Every time the British troops issue is raised there is always those in this forum who are clearly anti British forces,in can only be a guess what forces these people do support.

Those people go on living their comfortable lives while the British troops are daily putting their lives on the line for all of us, and that includes those who regularly criticise the troops, there is a word to desribe such people!

  The Brigadier 13:32 05 Jun 2008

The Military have always had poor pay & living conditions.
It's time for a Country to be proud of their Heros to pay them a proper wage!
The fact that all do sign on the dotted line of their own will still does not mean they should not get a decent wage.

How many traffic wardens will keep you safe in your beds tonight?
Who will protect you from terrorist attacks?

  belfman 13:40 05 Jun 2008

What utter nonsense. Just because I don't blindly think the army deserves more than their agreed pay packet does not make me any less a person or British Citizen than you.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:25 05 Jun 2008

You are writing utter drivel clouded by jingoistic emotions. /yawn


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