Price of Fuel at Motorway services

  ^wave^ 19:53 30 Jul 2008

I know that have a monopoly on a motorway and we do have a choice to come off but today i was charged 123.99/ltr thats 13p more than the supermarkets and my local Shell station. Someone is making a lot of profit here

  laurie53 19:56 30 Jul 2008

Many of us would love to find fuel as low as 123.99 a litre!

  interzone55 21:11 30 Jul 2008

I take it you mean petrol, rather than diesel?

The rates paid my motorway services are astronomical, plus they have to keep the forecourt and toilets open 24/7, so they're paying for staff round the clock.

Having said that, I can't see why they have to charge 65p for a Mars bar...

  Jak_1 21:30 30 Jul 2008

"Having said that, I can't see why they have to charge 65p for a Mars bar..."

Because they have a captive audience!

  Bingalau 21:38 30 Jul 2008

laurie53. Try here for your cheapest local supplier click here

  Quickbeam 09:00 31 Jul 2008

Motorway services have always charged high end prices because they have a captive market and a lot of the customers are company drivers that don't pay it personally.

Real people like me (OK skinflints), fill up before going and use supermarket pumps when we get there...

  Seth Haniel 09:44 31 Jul 2008

"Someone is making a lot of profit here"

Shell £80 billion ;(

  Legolas 13:42 31 Jul 2008

When I was on holiday recently at the Ardmurchan Peninsula in the North West of Scotland we paid 141p a litre for diesel. In Fort William a little bit less remote it was 130p

  Noels 15:27 31 Jul 2008

Worth every penny!

  wee eddie 20:50 31 Jul 2008

You have no idea of the Ground Rent they are paying, nor how much it costs to clean and staff the joint.

How would you do if they weren't there, round the clock. Many of us stock up with fuel at the cheapest we can find.

However, for some, their time is valuable and paying a few £s extra is worth the 20 minutes, or so, less journey time it would take to find the nearest Supermarket Fuel Station.

  anchor 10:54 04 Aug 2008

Do as I do, ensure you fill up at a cheaper place before going on the motorway.

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