Preventing aggravating writing habits such as saying "yea" all the time?

  Jwbjnwolf 02:20 04 Jan 2014

Hello. Because the time that I've been on here, which has been ever since 2010, I have had a lot of help and encouragement from particular long term users regarding my writing skills.

I remember when Lotvic told me stop saying "damn" all the time which helped me stop using that word.

Now the word I'm constantly using is "yea" in every single sentence loads of times. It's just so annoying reading the things I've wrote to people and getting so bothered by the amount of times in saying "yea"; so bothered to the point that I lose understanding of what I just wrote.

I know that to get out of that habit is just to think twice over what you're writing and proof read what you just wrote, but what I want to know is who else here has problems like that and what ways you have to try prevent yourself from entering these habits?

I will probably ask my English teacher in college about this, but then because a lot of you have seen my improvements through the years, and giving me help and encouragement etc, just thought that if one you has any tips on that then maybe that'll help even more so coming from someone that's seen my improvements.

Thanks guys and ladies


  Jwbjnwolf 02:23 04 Jan 2014

And sorry I posted this so late. Just thought about posting it whilst was on the top of my head haha as I texted my friend and I was reading what I sent and I just was getting so bothered by the amount of "yea"s in it so I thought how about asking here as I certainly have had a lot of literacy lessons in the past on here that's for sure :)

  rdave13 02:34 04 Jan 2014

If you think about it coolly, you have just answered your own question.

You've thought it out, asked the question, and it will be only answered in your own head how to break the habit.

Next time you want to say the word " yea ", think of all the old 'farts' on PCA that will have extremely 'disapproving' looks and lower eyebrows if you ever mention that 'word' here.

If that doesn't give you the fear of PCA, then nothing will. Be informed that the Ethernet and PCA are hand in glove with the Ethernet world, so BEWARE!!!!

  rdave13 02:45 04 Jan 2014

Last sentence doesn't seem right yea?

  Jwbjnwolf 02:52 04 Jan 2014

Haha thanks for that Dave :D That really made me chuckle whilst reading, but then at the same time it is really a good piece of advice that thinking about it made me get out of the habit of saying "damn" all the time haha :)

I guess I can certainly agree with that that I've answered my own question by thinking of PCA haha.

  Jwbjnwolf 02:57 04 Jan 2014

I'm off to sleep now, so thanks for that fast response Dave and thanks for the chuckle :D

  rdave13 02:58 04 Jan 2014

Jwbjnwolf , my last posts were a wind up. If they stick in your mind to help you then I'm glad. Have a great new year.

  Jwbjnwolf 03:07 04 Jan 2014

Haha well they sure will help me as it certainly helped me when Lotvic (and I can picture it) shouted to me to stop saying damn all the time.

We really do learn bad and annoying habits when talking to our friends that's for sure, and even though my friends say "it's fine", it isn't because I'm regularly blog posting, so I need to learn to be able to stay formal in my writing and not use bad habits. Sometimes the most silly sounding ideas work the most though that's for sure.

And thanks, been a stressful start (upset with a friend) but that I just got sorted out tonight so I got my spirits high again :) thanks you have a great 2014 too :)

  rdave13 03:19 04 Jan 2014

Jwbjnwolf ,Haha is also a no-no.

  rdave13 03:20 04 Jan 2014

Lazarus The 2nd :(

  Forum Editor 09:27 04 Jan 2014

An excellent way to improve your writing skills is to read as much as possible. Read books and media articles, and see how professional writers do it. Not all journalists write well - lots of articles make it into print with spelling and grammatical errors - but you'll learn to spot and ignore those. Learning to write well can be a slow process; there are lots of rules and conventions, and at times you'll wonder if you will ever improve. It will happen with practice, however, and you'll find your bad habits will disappear. Keep at it, read books, and practice your writing.

Stopping the 'yea' habit is easy - read what you've written, and alter every instance of 'yea' to yes.

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